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Prof. (Dr.) Vidya Sekhri Director-Management

Deeply embedded with the vision of ‘creating a thinking professional order’, I.T.S, since its inception in 1995, has been making ‘incessant endeavor to create learning process in response to changing managerial paradigm. The continuum flow of technological revolution along with rapid growth and development around the world has opened new vistas to masses for developing the knowledge and skill based society. Every nation and society have to create the pool of intellectual wealth coupled with a defined set of skills so that to capitalize upon the current demands and contextual requirements.

We, at I.T.S, have been morally and functionally committed to excellence since its inception. In its journey towards disseminating knowledge, I.T.S recognizes hidden abilities and strengths of its students and enables them to learn, to grow and to evolve into successful professionals in their areas of interest and specialization. The whole atmosphere at I.T.S is perfectly and strikingly conducive to overall personality and managerial skill development with an alert focus on evolving effective, efficient, confident and knowledgeable management professionals with global thinking and futuristic mindset along with an understanding of ethical values embedded in the heritage. The teaching methodology along with co-curricular activities, mentoring & monitoring mechanism at I.T.S is specifically designed to articulate various dimensions of the strategic Key Result Areas (KRAs) which guarantees an enviable confidence and alertness in our students resulting into enviable futuristic expertise in dealing with the intricacies of managerial decisions. We, at I.T.S, are committed to enduring excellence in management education and for The four basic elements of contemporary professional education and training system, i.e. faculty, students, infrastructure and curriculum are realistically and perfectly blended to ensure the development of six essential qualities in the student mangers that are key to success: Sincerity, Personal Integrity, Humility, Dedication, Wisdom and Charity. In its march towards career goal and success, we are determined to ensure every possible effort for our alma mater to the happiest route of success and prosperity. 


Prof. (Dr.) Vidya Sekhri
Director- Management



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