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Admaniac- Ad Mad Show organized by Marketing Club

Marrecus - The Marketing Club at I.T.S School of Management, in its continued legacy organised its much awaited event 'ADMANIAC - The Ad Mad Show' (Where Creativity Meets Madness) on Thursday, 16th September 2021 in the Institute. The event was unique of its kind to witness the participation of large number of teams from PGDM 2021-23 batch.

The objective of this club event was to enable the participants to apply the learned concepts, about product, pitching, brand recall, message delivery, promotional strategies etc. in marketing through short enactment/advertisements. The product & brand were mismatched to form new offerings in the market, which the participating teams showcased in the event. It comprised of humorous & conceptual ads, prepared and enacted by the students of PGDM first year in order to pitch their products. The evaluation was based on 5 parameters viz. Creativity & Innovativeness, Concept of advertisement: Customer appeal, Team Coordination, Time factor, Communication with clarity of thought.

Out of large number of teams who participated, 3 teams were selected as winners from evaluation by the event judges Dr.Kalyan Kumar De, Professor - Marketing and Prof.Charul Agrawal – Assistant Professor – Marketing. Following teams bagged the top 3 positions:-

1stTeam Marketing Maestros–ShrutiMaheshwari, Vipul Mishra, BhumikaMendiratta, Vidhu Saran Saxena, VipinUpadhyay (MAAL-LE-AA BANK)

2ndTeam Conquistador- Kunal Sharma, Amrita Singh, Prashant Tyagi& Anurag Kumar Singh (VIM BODYWASH)

3rdTeam Phoenix–ShivanuTyagi, Alik Ghosh, Sourav Kumar Burnwal, Aditya Barnwal, Neha Kumari (TATASKY COSMETICS)

It was an interactive and fun-filled session as filler rounds were also there in which audience had to identify logos, jumbled taglines and audios.

The felicitation ceremony was graced by the presence of Prof. (Dr.) D.K Agrawal, Director – I.T.S School of Management, Dr.Anusha Agarwal, Chairperson PGDM who awarded the winning teams with trophies, certificates of appreciation and gift hampers. Certificates of participation were awarded to all the participating teams. Prof. (Dr.) D.K Agrawal blessed the students for organising the wonderful event, with meticulous planning and error free execution. He emphasised that such event are the backbone for students learning, and hence has been intrigue part of management education at I.T.S School of Management, Ghaziabad. Vote of thanks was presented by Prof. Mayank Sharma, Coordinator – Marrecus (Marketing Club).

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Corporate Talk by Mr. Varun Kohli, Group CEO, iTV Network for PGDM 2021-23 Batch

I.T.S School of Management organized corporate talk on “Changing needs of Job markets in post Covid-19 era” for participants of PGDM 2021- 23 batch on September 17, 2021

The eminent speaker for the session was Mr. Varun Kohli, Group CEO, iTV Network.

Mr. Varun has rich experience spanning over 26 years in the media and entertainment industry. He had worked with big brands of media industry on Senior Management positions including, TV 18 Broadcast, Amar Ujala etc. He had been Executive VP @ DNA newspapers ltd, followed by Senior VP @ TV 18 Broadcast ltd, then and presently heading iTV Network as Group CEO.

At the start of the session, the speaker congratulated the upcoming generation of workforce which is more advanced and learned, especially in the age of Internet and digitalization. He appreciated the fact that young employee nowadays is much more aware of the technicalities of their work. The speaker shared the scenario of how post Covid- 19 business world is more agile than ever before. It is more updated, digitalized and highly driven on technology. In order to survive and lead in these time, young managers not only need their enthusiasm and zeal to work but also the right skills. A combination of hard and soft skills definitely goes a long way. Empathy, patience, listening, reading and communication were some essential skills highlighted by the speaker. And on top of that, the attitude of continuous development and growth must be developed by the participants who wish to excel in the present challenging and ever-changing business world.

The session was highly interactive and participants appreciated the insights delivered by the speaker.

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PGDM "AAGAAZ - 2021" Freshers’ Party

The participants of PGDM (2020-22) Batch, I.T.S School of Management, Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad organized "AAGAAZ-2021" Freshers’ Party “to welcome the new participants of PGDM (2021-23) Batch.

The celebration started with the auspicious lamp lighting Ceremony seeking blessings from Maa Saraswati followed by the motivational and inspirational words delivered by Director Sir Prof. (Dr.).D K Agrawal. He congratulated the batch and faculty members for organizing this welcome party and shared his wonderful experience to encourage the new batch for their huge participation.

The party started with wonderful performances including group dance performances, poetries, solo singing, poem recitation, solo dance and stand-up comedy act which left the audience mesmerized. The ramp walk was scheduled to select Mr. & Ms. Fresher from the nominees including introduction round, talent hunt round and question round. Towards the end, our jury members announced the names of Mr.  & Ms. Fresher 2021, Mr. Utkarsh and  Ms. Mahima from PGDM (2021-23) Batch.

The event was concluded by PGDM Chairperson, Dr. Anusha Agarwal. She congratulated the students for their amazing talent and appreciated the PGDM (2020-22) Batch for coordinating & managing the event successfully.

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Teachers’ Day Celebration

The participants of PGDM Batch 2020-22, I.T.S School of Management, Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad organized a “Teachers' Day Celebration” on 04th September 2021 

to appreciate the role played by teachers in the life of students–the leaders of tomorrow. The celebration started with the auspicious lamp lighting ceremony followed by the inspirational words delivered by Director Management,   Prof. (Dr.) D. K. Agrawal. He shared his valuable insights about how the definition of a student and a teacher has been changed in current scenario. He also shared his vision for difference in a teacher, a good teacher, a best teacher and an excellent teacher.

A cultural program was planned by the enthusiastic participants entailing wonderful performances including speeches, poem recitation, group dance performances, solo singing, solo dance and stand-up comedy act which left the audience mesmerized. The fun games were also scheduled for the teachers, where all faculty members joyfully participated. Towards the end, everyone cheerfully took part in cake cutting ceremony and the faculty members were felicitated with a small token of admiration.

The event was concluded by Dr. Anusha Agarwal, PGP Chair. She congratulated the students for their amazing talent and appreciated them for coordinating & managing the event successfully.  "The colors of joy, happiness, and togetherness could be seen in students as well as faculty members". 

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Four Days Online Simulation Game on “Grow Your Money”

I.T.S School of Management organized a Virtual Four Days Online Simulation Game on “Grow Your Money” for PGDM 2020-22 Batch from August 23- 26, 2021.

The resource person of the Simulation Game was by Prof. Tanay Kurode who is a certified financial planner. He has guided many investors, professionals. He believes in the efficient money management mantra to achieve happy and peaceful life.

In the beginning of Simulation Game Dr. Anusha Agrawal, Chairperson, I.T.S School of Management welcomed Prof Tanay with a warm welcome remark by highlighting about how this programme will add value to students' lives.

The session started with focusing the importance of managing and growing one's money. Prof Tanay discussed the asset allocation, which refers to the asset mix in a portfolio and is a critical decision in wealth management. He further discussed the characteristics used to make asset allocation decisions, including time horizons, financial goals, age, and risk tolerance. About goal-based planning, he prioritized debt for the short term and equity for the long future.

He also guided on how to use the GYM game portal and how to play the game. The speaker further explained the process of the game and has reviewed teams followed by analyzing the portfolios of students and guiding them the necessary changes required in their portfolio. He also discussed about the different monetary policies and latest trends of the Market influencing their investment decisions.

Further the session was enriched by the participant’s progress in teams regarding their portfolio by checking and suggesting further about their investments decisions for further improvement. The resource person finally declared the ranks, based on team performance as 1.Mansi and Team 2. Harshit and Team 3.Tejender & Team.

At the end of the session Dr. Vivek Pachauri concluded and proposed a formal vote of thanks and offered virtual plaque to the speaker as a token of gratitude.  Overall the four days session were full of learning and knowledge.

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“Aspirations 2020” Day 5 - Campus to Corporate: Alumni Experience Sharing

I.T.S School of Management organized virtual the fifth day of “ASPIRATIONS-2020”, as a part of PGDM (2021-23) Orientation Programme, a session on “Campus to Corporate: Alumni Experience Sharing” on 13th August 2021

Prof. Durba Roy, Associate Vice President, Corporate Resource Centre, moderated the session and shared her memories with these alumni and their batch mates.

Alumni of PGDM Programme included:

·      Mr. Rahul Gupta, alumnus 2007-09, Enterprise Architect at Mrida Group;

·      Mr. Gourab Nag, alumnus 2014-16, National Head Trade Marketing at Dabur;

·      Ms. Supreeti Singh, alumnus 2007-09, Manager, HR at Motherson Sumi;

·      Mr. Mayank Jha, alumnus 2005-07, General Manager – Luxury Key Accounts Business at Diageo;

·      Mr. Nandan Singh, alumnus 2005-07, National Manager at National Stock Exchange;

·      Mr. Ranit Banerjee, alumnus 2016-18, Business Development Associate at Amazon

·      Mr. Mridul Sharma, alumnus 2018-20, Territorial Sales In- Charge at Berger Paints.

The participants were most excited and interested to hear from the alumni about various stories and activities they enjoyed in their institute. The alumni also shared their doubts, fears, weaknesses and how I.T.S School of Management helped them overcome those challenges and score great heights in their professional careers. This session was again filled with numerous queries from the participants and the alumni took utmost interest and answered the queries with true sincerity and efficiency.

Toward the end of the session, Prof. V.N. Bajpai, Dean presented a vote of thanks and plaques to all the alumni as a token of appreciation and gratitude for their time spent with the participants. 

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Industry Interaction Session by Mr. Debargha Deb, Head - HR (North Zone), Dabur India Limited

I.T.S School of Management organized an Industry Interaction Session by Mr. Debargha Deb, Head - HR (North Zone), Dabur India Limited for PGDM (2021-2023) Batch on 13th August, 2021 as part of “ASPIRATIONS - 2021", the Orientation Programme for PGDM (2021-23) batch.  


Mr. Debargha Deb started the session with showing a video of Indian Army which demonstrated various qualities and skills which can’t be taught but need to be developed by oneself. He shared his thoughts on various skills like time management, work load management and people management. Mr. Deb highlighted some essential values that upcoming managers needed to develop in themselves in order to be company- ready. He also answered various career and subject-specialization related queries of the participants.

He motivated the students by saying “You are world, you are the champion”. Students participated with zeal and raised a number of queries and the session concluded with the presentation of a virtual plaque as a token of gratitude to Mr. Debargha Deb.

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Life Skill Enhancement Session by Yogi Dr. Amrit Raj for PGDM (2021-23)

I.T.S School of Management organized a Life Skill Enhancement Session by Yogi  Dr. Amrit Raj, Ayurvedic Doctor, Certified Yoga Practitioner and Wellness Coach for PGDM (2021-2023) Batch

on 12th August, 2021 as part of “ASPIRATIONS - 2021", the Orientation Programme for PGDM (2021-23) batch. Yogi Dr. Amrit Raj is a fourth-generation, award-winning Ayurvedic Doctor and Certified Yoga Teacher from Yoga Alliance, USA.

The session started with chanting of OM mantra after which Dr. Amit Raj focused on importance of life management and self-management. He also emphasized on making good habits our friends and adopting a positive approach towards life. He elaborated the five karamindriya and gyaanindriya and advised students to follow good habits and lead a healthy lifestyle. He emphasized on the need for introspection and adopt a positive approach towards life. He further mentioned that our body, mind and soul should connect with the nature to bring true happiness.

Students participated with zeal and raised a number of queries and the session concluded with the presentation of a virtual plaque as a token of gratitude to Dr. Amrit Raj.

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Industry Interaction Session by Mr. Arvind Sukhija, National Sales Training Manager, L’oreal.

I.T.S School of Management organized an Industry Interaction Session by  Mr. Arvind Sukhija, National Sales Training Manager, L’oreal for PGDM (2021-2023) Batch on 12th August, 2021 as part of “ASPIRATIONS - 2021", the Orientation Programme for PGDM (2021-23) batch.  

Mr. Arvind inspired the students by briefly explaining his journey which started in 1994 with P&G as a sales trainee till L’Oreal India as a National Sales Training Manager. He attributed his success to hard work, persistence, discipline, sacrifice and focused approach.He talked about the importance of professional networking and relationship building for career growth.

He said that training is the core of any organization & one should lead from the front. He further described the significance of continuous learning and development and preparing oneself to cope up with the challenges emerging in the post pandemic business environment.   Mr. Sukhija elaborated the term CPACC which means “Know your customer, product, advertisement, competitors and channel of distribution”.

He concluded the session by saying “Life is a journey, not a destination”. Students participated with zeal and raised a number of queries. The session ended with presentation of a virtual plaque as a token of gratitude to Mr. Arvind Sukhija.

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Virtual Training program by Mr. Surya Narain Bahadur for PGDM students

I.T.S School of Management organised the Day 3 of the PGDM Orientation Program on  11th  August, 2021. The guest for the session was Mr. Surya Narain Bahadur, Executive Director at Confluence Integrated Service Pvt Ltd. 

Mr. Bahadur kept the session interactive and asked the students to share their personal experience with him. Students were highly excited in sharing their experiences.

Mr. Bahadur told students about Neuron transmitters and how it affects human. He also made students aware of how the future is online oriented and one should be ready and fully compatible with it.

Mr. Bahadur referred to the four degrees under which humans works, namely:
1. No Work        2. Aversion         3. Average          4. 10x work

He provided the students with some keywords that they can use during their interview process. He continued the session by introducing balanced score card , in which he discussed the 4 main fields that are required in future:
1. Finance           2. Customer       3. Process           4. Learning

Further, he gave certain ideas that one should apply in their life like Self discipline, Accountability and Optimism.

He explained the STAR concept as:
1.Situation          2.Task- Challenge            3.Action-Solution            4.Result- The 10x future

He motivated students by showing some inspirational videos.

The session ended with the presentation of a virtual plaque as a token of gratitude.

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