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PGDM participants participated in Business Quiz

PGDM First Year Participants (2021-23 Batch) of I.T.S School of Management participated in an Inter-Institute Online Business Quiz Competition organized by Banarsidas Chandiwala Institute of Professional

Studies (BCIPS) using Google Meet Platform on Friday 10th December 2021 in which a total of 8 teams consisting of two members per team participated. All the teams participated enthusiastically.

The session went live on YouTube as well where a number of students witnessed the event.

In the nail-biting Quiz, IInd Position was bagged by Team of I.T.S School of Management comprising of Surendra Srivastava & Aryan Porwal of  PGDM I Year.

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Binary Club (IT & Operations) organized “MINI APPICODERS” (Imagination lead to Innovation)

Binary Club of I.T.S School of Management organized an activity “MINI APPICODERS”  for PGDM Participants of (2021-2023) Batch on 15th January, 2022 

Activity was designed for innovative ideas as Innovation comes from recombining existing technology and different perspectives in innovative ways. Participants need to present proposed idea of App which should be unique and different of existing app which give  lots of learning with fun in this activity.

The purpose of the activity was to enhance the Technical skills of participants and making them confident in giving presentation.

In this activity, participants took part in different teams, which contained 2 members in each team. They shared their ideas about the new software application which can be introduced. They described their ideas through presentations which also enhanced their Technical as well as Presentation skills.

They were given 3 minutes for presentations and 2 minutes for Q&A round.

Their performance was judged on the basis of:-

* App Specification & Innovation.

* Uniqueness of idea about app from the existing Applications.

* Creativity of making and giving presentations.

*The way they handled the Queries and questions raised by judge as well as the audience.

Other than the main Activity Filler Round was also arranged for the Audience Engagement. Filler round was also based on the Technical knowledge of students. Audience were also enjoying and were showing interest by taking part in the filler round as well as by raising their queries to the performing teams.

Winners of the Activity are:

* Winner of the activity :-  Prashant Tyagi and Kunal Sharma

*  Runner-Up :-  Amit Kumar Singh and Saurabh Singh

The overall activity was coordinated & Concluded with the announcement of Winners of the activity by the Club Coordinator- Prof. MansiTomar& Judged by Prof. ShilpiRana.

* The winners were felicitated with the Winning Certificates.

*Participation certificates were provided to other participants.

“The activity was a great success where students enjoyed a lot along with fun and learning.”



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Guest Lecture on "Team Dynamics During Pandemic Times-A Realistic Approach"

I.T.S School of Management organized an online guest lecture for participants of PGDM (2021-23) Batch on the topic of “Team Dynamics During Pandemic Times-A Realistic Approach”'.


The talk was delivered by the esteemed guest, Mr. Arindam Mitra, National Training Lead,Sleepwell (Sheela Foam Ltd). Mr. Mitra initiated the talk with an interesting ice-breaking game which required brain storming by the participants. He talked about the challenges of communication and team work in the current context of pandemic. He further elaborated the team dynamics and emphasized the significance of Trust, Collaborationand Reality check to increase productivity in teams. He elaborated the challenges of new normal and how organizations are devising strategies to overcome them. He described the model to delegate tasks in team, the Belbin's Team Roles and explained the social roles, thinking roles and action roles. He concluded his talk with the importance of communication in team dynamics which involves the components of Task Interaction, Process Interaction, and Relationship Interaction.

It was a very insightful and interactive session where participants raised several questions which were answered by Mr. Arindam Mitra to their satisfaction. Session concluded with the presentation of a virtual plaque to the guest as a token of gratitude and remembrance. Overall, the session was very enriching and full of learning for the participants.

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Guest lecture on “Innovation and Technology Management” for PGDM students

Dr. Sanjiva Shankar Dubey, Professor at BIMTECH & Former Asia Pacific Executive interacted with the PGDM students of I.T.S School of Management,  Ghaziabad  on  “Innovation and Technology Management” on 13th  January, 2022.  He was extended a warm welcome by Dr V N Bajpai at the beginning of the session.

In his address to the students, Prof Sanjiva explained the relationship between technology & innovation in a simplified manner. He shared that business managers and leaders of leading companies and public services are unanimous that innovative use of technology would be mainstay of economic progress and increasingly help in well – being of mankind. With the help of numerous examples and video based discussions, Dr Sanjiva was able to convey that technology is not only an enabler but also became driver of innovations leading to value creation in all spheres of life, across industries. New technology interventions, like driver less car, Drone for home delivery, 3 D printing, or use of robotics for precise and complex medical surgery has become a reality. 

During his lecture he talked about relationship between Technology, Business & Society and given an overview of Existing and Emerging Technologies, which are bringing transformation all across human lives and organisations.

He also demonstrated the use of few technologies and apps to help participants understand how technology makes job easier and increases efficiency.

The students were very keen to get the answers of their queries on the subject from the expert. It was a great learning and enriching experience for all the participants.

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Internal Seminar: Operations Management – An Overview

I.T.S School of Management organised an internal seminar for the participants of PGDM (2021-23) on the topic Operations Management – An Overview on the 11th January, 2022 through the online mode.

The speakers for the session were Dr Indraneel Mandal and Prof. Ritika Rathore.

The session was initiated by Dr Mandal, who delved into some of the history of the development of Operations. Starting with the Industrial Revolution, he encouraged students to think about why an area like services received a major boost in the nineties even while manufacturing was yet to mature fully. Topics like involvement of the customer and value creation also come up with a lively interaction involving the students.

Then Prof. Rathore threw some light on areas like Quality, Supply Chain and Logistics Management. She also took time to explain how students should view Operations not just as a specialisation for study, but also as a career choice. She pointed out that a background in technology or knowledge of mathematics was not necessarily a prerequisite for a promising career in Operations.

During the last fifteen minutes the house was thrown open for a freewheeling discussion on the area with the students. Several of the students had specific queries regarding choice of Operations as a career, and also how it needed to be approached. All in all it was a fruitful session as the students ended up with a clearer view of the way forward.

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‘New Year Celebration with Children’ by Parivartan’ – The Slum Education Programme

I.T.S Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad celebrated New Year at ‘Parivartan’ – The Slum Education Programme on the 31st of December, 2021.



The volunteers for the day included Manjeet, Surendra, Manvi, Priyanshi, Shobhit, Rupali, Reema, Abhijeet, Shailesh, Ishvi, Akash, Vidhu, Naitik, Komal, Mahima, and Anubhav. The day started with a session on basic maths. Manvi took the initiative as she called up students to the board and asked them to work out simple problems on addition and subtraction.

Next Surendra came forward to enlighten the students on the importance of cleanliness. Keeping things interactive, he posed commonplace situations before the learners, to which the latter responded with enthusiasm. Prof. Lokesh Upreti joined in to remind the children that they needed to remain vigilant against diseases like dengue. Interestingly, while the kids were aware of malaria, they seemed to be ignorant of the nitty gritties of newer phenomena like dengue. 

The major undertaking of the day was the distribution of blankets provided by the institute. Some of the parents of the children had also accompanied them for the purpose. Keeping the overall purpose in mind, it was decided that each family should receive at least one blanket.
As usual, the day concluded with the distribution of muffins and Melody toffees. Prof. Upreti presided over the proceedings of the day. Prof. Ashutosh Sharma ensured that the volunteers present took care of their respective responsibilities.

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UNGCNI National Convention attended by PGDM Students

United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) local arm, UN Global Compact Network India (UN GCNI) organized 16th National Convention on the theme of 'Target 2030: Assess, Act, Accelerate’ on 15th -16th December 2021.  

PGDM students namely, Km Chetna, Anubhav Saxena, Bhuvaneshwar Sharma, Rishi Kumar, Sachin Kumar, Kunal Sharma, Vipul Mishra, Vidhu Saran, Animesh Singh and Akash Singh from I.T.S School of Management, Ghaziabad attended this National Convention on 16thDecember, 2021.

The theme of the convention puts emphasis that the time to act towards achieving SDGs is now. Businesses need to speed up their on-ground actions as well as to measure those actions to make a real impact on achieving the SDGs while also creating economic value for the nation.

There were three Deep Dive Sessions moderated by Joe Phelan, Director, WBCSD India; Karanraj Chaudri, Advisor, SDG & Innovative Finance, South Asia, UNDP; Anurag Pratap, Vice President & CSR Leader, Capgemini, respectively. The esteemed panelists were Neelesh Kumar Sah, Joint Secretary (Climate Change), Ministry of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change; Vaishali Sinha, ReNew Foundation Chair, Chief Sustainability Officer, ReNew Power; Ashwini Saxena, CEO, JSW Foundation; Dr.LovneeshChanana, Head of Government Affairs at SAP for the Asia Pacific & Japan region; Sundeep Singh, Managing Director, Strategy and Sustainability, Accenture; Jyotsna Sharma, CFO & Head of IT, Bridgestone India; Manjula Kalyanasundaram, Managing Director & CEO, SBI Foundation; Sushma Kaushik, Partner, Aavishkaar Capital; Amitava Mukherjee, Director (Finance), NMDC;  R. K. Singh, CGM-SIDBI; Dr. Thomas Becker, Vice President Sustainability and Mobility Strategy BMW Group; Dr. Jatinder Singh, Assistant Secretary General, PHDCCI;  Anurag Sharma, Director (Onshore), ONGC;  Kylie Porter, Executive Director, Global Compact Network Australia;  Gagandeep Bhullar, Founder & CEO, SuperHumanRace.

It focussed on following points:

  •  Uncover opportunities to drive self-reliant, resilient, and sustainable economic growth
  • Understand the perspective of the youth on how they think about SDGs, what according to them is needed to be done to speed up to the target 2030.
  • Discuss how decarbonization, renewable energy, and sustainable supply chains can drive the green economy
  • Identify innovative solutions to drive SDG ambition in the wake of business disruption caused by COVID
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Industry Visit to “Mother Dairy” for participants of PGDM (2021-23) Batch

I.T.S School of Management organized an Industry Visit to “Mother Dairy” in Delhi for participants of PGDM (2021-23) Batch on December 24, 2021.


Visit started with a very Informative presentation and video on the operations of Mother Dairy shared by the HR Head, Mr. Pillai. He explained how Mother Dairy was formed and emerged as one of India’s topmost milk manufacturing organizations. He further elaborated the essentials elements of milk and how the quality of milk is measured and maintained during the whole process with the following methods such as clarification, Standardization, Homogenisation and Pasteurization.

He also talked about the leading brands of Mother Dairy such as Dhara and Safal. Thereafter participants were taken to the processing unit where they observed the machineries and equipment used in the processing of milk.

It was a very interactive session and the participants raised several questions which were answered by Mother Dairy’s representative to their satisfaction. Participants felt a sense of pride to learn about the indigenous, local brand which is working with international standards today. It was an enriching learning experience for all the participants.


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Utthan Club Activity -“Christmas Celebration”

Utthan, A CSR initiative of Department of Management at I.T.S - Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad organised a session based on the theme of “Christmas" for the government school students of class 1st to 10th in the campus on 24th December, 2021.

The aim of the activity was to resume the Utthan club activities that could not happen for the past two years due to Covid-19 Pandemic. Team Utthan aimed to enhance the knowledge and confidence of the children. Rhyme competition was conducted for the students of 1st to 5th standard and for students of class 6th to 10th, an Extempore Competition was conducted.

Faculty Coordinators, Prof. Nitin Saxena and Prof. Shilpi Rana started the activity by addressing the students and motivated them for upcoming club activities. Santa caps were distributed among the children and winners of the rhyme and extempore competition were awarded with exciting gifts. They seemed to be quite enthusiastic after visiting the campus for so long.

Students were given refreshments at the end of the session.

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Management faculty invited as a Guest

Management faculty, Prof. Shilpi Rana was invited as a Guest in the Valedictory Session of a 2-day "National Conference" on Atma Nirbhar Bharat - Opportunities & Challenges, organised by IIMT College of Management, Greater Noida on 23rd December, 2021.


The session witnessed 200 above participants from Management background including Faculty members, Research Scholars and students. The session was full of enthusiasm & Zeal among participants to present their research papers during the Conference.

It was a pleasure being invited as Guest to present the awards to the winners. Overall It was a wonderful learning experience. The Faculty is Grateful to the Management of I.T.S Ghaziabad for giving such opportunities and to be a part of such events for self exploration and learning.

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