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30 Jun 2018

Management Faculty attended FDP on Universal Human Values and Professional Ethics.

Dr. M.K Jha and Prof. Bhavna Bhardwaj from Management Department, I.T.S Mohan Nagar, attended eight days Faculty Development Program on Basic Level - Universal Human Values and Professional Ethics, organized by Technical Education Quality Improvement Program (TQEP), Government of India Phase III and AKTU, Lucknow, from 23/6/18 to 30/6/18, at ABES Engineering College, Ghaziabad.

    The workshop was divided into four different levels:
  • Self harmony
  • Harmony in the family
  • Harmony in the Society
  • Harmony in nature and cosmos

The first level concentrated on understanding co-existence of self and body, importance of right understanding, analyzing the importance of relationship and identifying the required physical facilities for self comfort and existence. This session also emphasized on role of our pre-conditionings in our day to day decisions and behavior.

The second level talked about prosperity in the family. The difference between intention and competencies of an individual was brought about in this session. Thus, the importance of right evaluation of a person’s competencies was discussed very elaborately. The nine core family values were also shared in this session.

The third level talked about extension of family’s harmony with the society. In the fourth level the importance of correlation amongst the four orders of the entire cosmos i.e physical order, pranic order, animal order, human order so as to understand the relationship of mutual fulfillment within each order. During workshop, sessions were organized on video shows, group discussions and experience sharing, thereby, giving a holistic understanding on the subject.

The session concluded with an understanding that mutual fulfillment is inherent in nature to live in harmony and prosperity. The resource persons for the session from university were Shri Gopalji, Shri Manoj Gupta, Mr. Tarique and Mr. Talaan. Around 80 faculty members from different management and engineering colleges of AKTU participated in the workshop.

The purpose of the workshop was to propagate human values to the student fraternity through faculty and thus creating sensitization amongst students for a better, value driven behavior and self development.

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08 Dec 2010

Case Study Workshop on Case Analysis & Solutions was organised for PGDM Students

A case study workshop was organized for PGDM-2nd trimester students on 8th December 2010. The workshop focused on the case analysis & solutions thereof. Dr.Parul Malik & Dr.V.N.Bajpai were the facilitators of the workshop.

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17 May 2016

Dr. Vijesh Jain conducted One day workshop at J.K. Papers Ltd. Head Office, New Delhi

Dr. Vijesh Jain, Professor of International Business at I.T.S, Ghaziabad, conducted a one day workshop cum in-house training program at J.K. Papers Ltd., New Delhi at the head office of J.K. Organization, on the topic 'Letter of Credit and Incoterms 2010' on 17th May, 2016.

Around 18 middle to senior executives of various J.K. Group companies including J.K. Papers, J.K. Tyre, Umang Dairies and others attended this highly interactive full day training program. With the help of an academic discourse and practical feedback of the practicing international trade executives who attended this workshop, it was a very enriching full day discussion on the topic.

I.T.S thanks J.K. Organization and J.K. Group for providing this opportunity to conduct this training program for their selected and seasoned company executives. A number of I.T.S faculty members provided inputs and advise to make this prestigious training program successful.

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22 May 2015

Dr. V. N. Bajpai attended Management Teachers’ Programme at IIM Kozhikode.

Dr. V. N. Bajpai attended Management Teachers’ Programme at IIM Kozhikode.

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11 Jun 2013

AICTE sponsored two-week Faculty Development Programme on ETRA-3G WC-2013

AICTE sponsored two-week Faculty Development Programme on Emerging Trends & Research Aspects in 3G Networks & Wireless Communications concluded at I.T.S, Mohan Nagar

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04 May 2013

FDP on “Competency Mapping and Assessment Centre”

A Faculty Development Programme was organized on “Competency Mapping and Assessment Centre” on 4th May’13 by Department of Management Studies of Institute of Technology & Science, Mohan Nagar campus, Ghaziabad.

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15 May 2012

Staff Development Programme Organized By Dept. of I.T. On “Office Productivity Tools”

First module of the Staff Development Programme on “Office Productivity Tools” was organized on 14th -15th May, 2012 for the candidates in Batch-I and Batch-II in computer lab-6 between 2:00 to 5:00 PM.

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27 Dec 2017

FDP on Customer Value Management by Mr. Gautam Mahajan

I.T.S, Ghaziabad organised a Faculty Development Program on Customer Value management for PG Management faculty members on 27th December, 2017. The FDP was conducted by Mr. Gautam Mahajan, President, Inter-link and Customer Value Foundation.

Mr. Mahajan is the leading global thought leader in Total Customer Value Management. Mr. Mahajan worked for a Fortune 50 company in the USA for 17 years and had hand-on experience in consulting, training of leaders, professionals, managers and CEOs from numerous MNCs and local conglomerates like Tata, Birla and Godrej groups. He is also the author of widely acclaimed books “Customer Value Investment: Formula for Sustained Business Success”, “Total Customer Value Management: Transforming Business Thinking.” and " Value Creation: The Definitive Guide for Business Leaders". He was President, of the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce, and was Chairman, PlastIndia Committee, Vice President All India Plastics Manufacturers Association, Trustee Plastics Institute of America. He was a member of the US India think tank. He was Chairman of the US India Economics Relations Forum. Among his honors is a Fellowship from Harvard Business School and Illinois Institute of Technology. He also has 18 US patents.

    The FDP was organized with the objectives:
  • To create awareness about Co-creation of customer value
  • Understanding Concept & global practices
  • Implications for Indian companies in different sectors.

Addressing to the participants Mr. Mahajan highlighted that key development in marketing and business practice in the last decade has been the tremendous growth of customer relationship management (CRM). Many companies have invested significantly in customer databases to understand, monitor, analyse and influence customer behavior. The critical aspect of CRM is customer value, the economic value of the customer relationship to the firm. Customer Value Management is a measure of a company’s customers’ view of the perceived value for money delivered relative to that of their competitors’ customers. It is sometimes known as a Customer Value Added (CVA) approach. He said that effective Customer Value Analysis brings tangible benefits to a company. He shared various examples of multinational companies to make the participants understand the total customer value management and its implications.

The FDP content and the delivery were well appreciated by the participants.

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