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15 Jul 2010

WIPRO MISSION10X Advanced Faculty Empowerment Workshop

Two-day Advanced Faculty Empowerment Workshop was conducted at I.T.S, Ghaziabad under Wipro Mission10X Programme was conducted during 15th & 16th

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16 Feb 2016

Staff Development Programme Conducted on Service Orientation and Professional Excellence

16th and 18th February, 2016 were very special dates for the staff members of I.T.S Centre for Dental Studies and Research, Ghaziabad as the college had organized an interesting Staff Development Programme for them. The theme of SDP was ‘Service Orientation and Professional Excellence’. The resource persons for the SDP were Dr. Charu Chaudhary and Dr. Gopal Krishna Dwivedi.

The SDP was inaugurated by Dr. Devicharan Shetty, the Principal, who in his inaugural address pointed out the importance of the theme of SDP and asked the participants to remain interactive throughout all sessions of SDP. He said that an SDP on Service Orientation will be effective and fruitful only when we have an internal urge to serve people. He wished the participants a great learning and fun.

Soon after the inaugural addresses, the high energy SDP began. Dr. Charu took sessions on Service Orientation while Dr. Gopal elaborated the nuances of Professional Excellence. A variety of tools were used for the effective training and sharing the various aspects of the theme. Staff-members showed unprecedented interest in the tasks like chart preparations, role plays, sharing feedback as customer and as an official. Videos on Japanese Culture, innovative customer care and infections of anger and happiness not only attracted the participants but also generated a lot of learning out of discussions after the videos.

At the end of the SDP, the staff members shared their experiences and takeaways. Finally the SDP, packed with fun, learning and games concluded with the valedictory session.

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11 Jun 2014

Faculty Development Programme on”Experiential Pedagogy in OB & HR”

Faculty Development Programme on”Experiential Pedagogy in OB & HR”

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24 May 2013

FDP attended by Management Faculty at FORE, New Delhi

FDP attended by Management Faculty at FORE, New Delhi

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09 Dec 2012

Workshop on “CYBER SECURITY” by iSARG Technology Lab for IT Specialization students PGDM 2nd year (2011-13)

A workshop on “Cyber Security” was organized for PGDM students. The workshop was conducted by iSARG Technology Lab professional who are Masters in implementing cyber security mechanism. The session started with an interesting introduction given by Prof. Kapil Mohan Garg and thereafter students were taught fundamentals of cyber security. During the workshop, students were made aware on various Cyber Security techniques that can be used by students to safe guard their data and information bases.

They were also made aware of various tools and techniques to identify hackers and hacking, social engineering, Bit lockers, Key loggers, Phishing, Computer system registry editing, identifying fake mails, making and identifying fake and fraud web pages, etc. and several more, were well explained by the trainers along with test experiments. Student’s performance was also evaluated and they were also given the workshop training certificates. Lastly, the guest trainers ended by wishing luck to the students!

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19 Jan 2012

I.T.S-DotNet Club has organized “Workshop on .NET Technology”

A one day “Workshop on .NET Technology” on 19 Jan, 2012 organized by I.T.S-DotNet Club, Prof. Sauresh Mehrotra and Prof. Abhay Kr. Ray were the resource persons. Total 102 (one hundred and two only) students of MCA IIrd year IV Semester participated in the workshop. This workshop was focused towards making the students aware about the .NET Technologies, Rapid Application Development using .NET Framework and C# Language and a quiz competition was also organized at the end of the day to test their skills of solving varied problems with analytical and technical expertise. The following students stood on the Ist, IInd and IIIrd positions in the quiz respectively: Robin Yadav, Madan Singh Rawat and Shravani Prasad respectively.

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27 Jan 2017

Management Department organized FDP on Entrepreneurship Development.

The success of an education institution is dependent on its ability to transform student’s life. The key element in this process is the faculty. Understanding faculty’s role as a catalyst within a structured academic system is one of the most important prerequisite for creating a great learning organization. Keeping this in focus Institute of Technology & Science, Ghaziabad organised a Faculty Development Programme on “Entrepreneurship” from 16th to 27th January, 2017. Twenty three Participants from I.T.S & other institutes of Delhi-NCR participated in FDP.

The program was inaugurated by Shri Venugopal Gupta, Head- incubation & venture accelerator centre. In his inaugural address Shri Venugopal Gupta highlighted the importance of entrepreneurial culture in an education institute, he talked about various aspects of entrepreneurship & several hardships which are associated with entrepreneurship. Dr. A.K. Puri, Director General, I.T.S Mohan Nagar presented overview of the program. Dr. S.P. Mishra, Advisor, I.T.S - The Education Group, with sensitization of participants towards Entrepreneurship FDP & its importance in today’s Scenario. Post Lunch Session was addressed by Dr. Rita Sen Gupta, Ex-Director (B/S) - NIESBUD, she gave an overview of Entrepreneurial Qualities & Motivation Development.

Second & Third day was chaired by Dr. Rita Sen Gupta continued the session with exercise on entrepreneurial qualities, continuous exercises were done to collect data of participants on entrepreneurial qualities, so that participants can be motivated to become entrepreneur. Post lunch was on motivation development, to motivate faculty for promoting entrepreneurship in students.

Dr. Govind Sharma, an IPR expert from New Delhi was the keynote speaker for first session of Day Four. He discussed the relevance of IPR for entrepreneurs, especially technical entrepreneurs. How in present day scenario IPR plays an important role in building brand & he also shared various examples where copying of technology & patents were penalized in international courts. Post Lunch session was chaired by Mr. C.K. Sabharwal, MD Crop Health products Ltd. discussed how to sense business opportunity & identify a product & market for new product. New innovations & ways to identify new product was discussed.

Friday, 20th January, 2017 Day-5 was dedicated to financing options for entrepreneurs; First Session was addressed by Mr. Sunil Joshi, Expert & Prof. Sharda University, shared his expertise on different financing options for entrepreneurs. Traditional approach to seed funding & present day ease in getting seed funds, which made entrepreneurship a comparatively easy option. Role of different institutions & what are Do’s & Don’ts for project report, from the point of view of financial institutes was discussed. Second session was chaired by Mr. Sanjay Kumar, Expert incubation - MSME, session was enlightening, various government incentives were disused, several new government schemes information was shared, Incubation centre requirements & how to set up incubation centre was shared, information about incubation in nearby areas. How MSME is helping in promoting entrepreneurship was discussed & in what ways we can help budding entrepreneurs in taking advantage of these schemes of government.

Saturday, 21st January, 2017 was dedicated for entrepreneurial competencies tools, techniques & guidance, session was chaired by Dr. V.N. Bajpai, Associate Professor, I.T.S Mohan Nagar. Session begin with different innovations & new business ventures. Participants undertook a small exercise on Refrigeration industry; small groups were formed & analyzed various features in refrigerators, then groups were required to design a new product for refrigeration industry. Groups presented their products, marketing strategies were developed. Small competition took place. A unique type of refrigerator ‘Chotu Cool’ example of shared with audience.

Day-7 i.e. 23rd January, 2017, Group visited Mother Dairy Plant, Patparganj, Delhi. Participants interacted with concerned person & facilities were visited. Complete process from procurement to processing till final delivery was elaborated. Several quality checks implemented at different stages during the process were told. Visit gave a holistic view of enterprise management to participants.

Day-8 i.e. 24th January, 2017, Key note speaker for first session was Dr. A.K.Puri, Director General, I.T.S, Mohan Nagar, session focuses on ‘Critical issues in Entrepreneurship development & growth’ Dr. Puri shared his expertise on creating entrepreneurial culture & what are the major challenges faced during this & how we as faculty can promote this culture in our organization & promote more students to take entrepreneurship as a career option. He explained the importance of entrepreneurial growth & role of a mentor. Second Session of the day was chaired by Mr. C.K. Sabharwal, MD, Crop- Health Product, addressed the need & importance of financial management in managing an enterprise, session was interactive & participants learned that not only raising of funds is important but how to effectively manage long term & day to day finances of venture.

On Day-9, i.e. 25th January, 2017, Mr. Girish Shivani, Director at yournest Angel Fund, a renowned name in Venture capital Industry of INDIA, enlightened the members about how do venture capitalist evaluates & appraises entrepreneurial venture. Role of Venture capitalist in promoting & how new entrepreneurs can leverage venture capital. Second session was chaired by Dr. Lokendra Tyagi, Expert, Personal management in Entrepreneurial Venture, explained the Need & importance of personnel management in managing an enterprise, during the session various interpersonal aspects were illustrated, that an entrepreneur shall take care. How to identify a right employee, what is expected from entrepreneur & employees especially in startups was discussed followed by a role play.

On Day-10 first session was addressed by Dr. S.P. Mishra on ‘Curriculum Planning and its presentation’, as the faculties are well equipped with knowledge this session explained different ways through which they can transfer their learning of FDP to their students & promote more entrepreneurs. Chief guest for valedictory session was Dr. Usha Dixit, Scientist "C", National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB), addressed the gathering & shared various live examples which flourished under the aegis of NSTEDB, followed by certificate distribution.

22 Faculty members from I.T.S, Ghaziabad and Various other institutes took part in FDP. Fun filled knowledge rich and self exploring journey left faculty members with a new orientation about themselves & Entrepreneurship.

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03 Apr 2010

A Guest Lecture by: Prof. (Dr.) Navin Rajpal, G.G.S.I.P University, New Delhi

Guest Lecture on Data Structure was organized for the students of MCA II Semester. During his lecture he touched upon various issues related to data structure including Application of Data Structure, Array, Linked List, Trees, B-Tree, Hashing, Recursion, Heap Sort, etc.

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