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20 Feb 2010

Guest Lecture by: Mr. Shyam Sundar, Technical Director, NIC.

A guest lecture for MCA (semseter IV) students was organized by IT Department, I.T.S, Mohan Nagar on Managing Information & Infrastructure: NIC - A Case Study. Mr. Shyam Sundar emphasized on how NIC is working for providing e-Government/e-Governance solution adopting best practices, integrated services and global solution in Government sector. He also briefed the students about data centre setup operations and management in NIC.

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12 Sep 2015

Staff Development Programme Conducted on Service Orientation and Professional Excellence

Staff Development Programme Conducted on Service Orientation and Professional Excellence

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29 Apr 2014

Faculty Development Programme on topic “Xcel with MS Excel” for management faculty

A two day Faculty Development Program was organized on the topic “Xcel with MS Excel” at I.T.S Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad on 28 & 29 April, 2014. The resource person for this FDP was Prof. Kapil Mohan Garg, Assistant Professor, Department of Management, Institute of Technology & Science, Ghaziabad. The Participants in this session were Prof. Nitin Saxena, Prof. Sumit Gulati, , Prof. Dushyant Tyagi , Prof. S Bhattacharya, Prof. Prof Lalit Sharma, Prof. A.P. Tripathi, Prof. Mona Sahay, Prof. Shikha Arora, Prof. Vinita Srivastava, Prof. Neetu Purohit, Prof. V.N. Vajpai, Prof. D.K. Pandey, Prof. Pankaj Kr, Prof. Satish Kumar, Prof. Anusha Agarwal, Prof. A R Mishra.

Objective of the FDP was to discuss and understand data analysis and business modeling techniques using important Microsoft Excel Tools. Also, FDP covers the basics and fundamentals of data editing, coding, analysis and interpretation using MS Excel. The whole coverage was comprised of 4-5 integrated exercises covering different techniques of MS Excel. The difficulty level of exercise increases with exercise number where each exercise represents some meaningful business data. The participants were provided with instructions (each exercise) during respective deliberations and hands-on experience of MS Excel.

From this session all participants felt benefited and enlightened.

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16 May 2013


A Staff Development Programme was conducted on the topic, “Behavioural Issues at Workplace”,

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02 Jun 2012

Faculty Development Program on the “Sales and Distribution Management & Strategic Brand Managements”

A Faculty Development program was organized on 2nd June 2012 on “Sales and Distribution Management and Strategic Brand Management” for marketing faculty of Management department. The guest speakers for the FDP were Dr. U.V Singh, Senior Management consultant, Mr. S.P Kalra, Ex General Manager, Singer sewing Machines and Mr. Amit Doshi, Executive Director - Corporate Affairs Hitachi home Life Solutions, Ahmadabad. The FDP was focused on two important areas of marketing management viz- Sales and distribution and Strategic Brand Management.

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02 Dec 2011



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24 Nov 2016

Workshop on SAP for PGDM V Trimester (2015-17) Batch.

Department of Management organized Four day workshop on SAP for the students of PGDM - V trimester on 24th, 25th, 26th November & 10th December, 2016.

The objective of this workshop was to make students aware about SAP, its various functional modules and about various future opportunities available in this domain.

On first day, session on introduction to SAP was taken by the expert, Mr. Varun. He said that by leveraging SAP, businesses can create the potential to better understand, manage, and strategically exploit the complex dynamics of customer behavior. It reveals how to tap into the powerful tool of SAP to create a strategic advantage and identify new business opportunities.

While addressing the students he also mentioned that SAP provide better operational visibility to companies which in turn help them to take better decisions with a reduced cost. SAP products are used by more than 12 million people in the world. There is a growing need for SAP Trained professionals to provide consulting services on SAP products. He also talked about various SAP modules and their integration.

On Second day Mr. Amit Gupta expert in Finance module gave overview on Financial Accounting and Controlling on SAP. While addressing the students he also mentioned that SAP Finance module was designed for meeting all the accounting and financial needs of an organization. Within this module Financial Information is available for revision in real time. The real-time functionality of the SAP modules allows for better decision making and strategic planning. The FI (Financial Accounting) Module integrates with other SAP Modules such as MM (Materials Management), PP (Production Planning), SD (Sales and Distribution), PM (Plant Maintenance),and PS (Project Systems).

The FI Module also integrates with HR (Human Resources) which includes PM(Personnel Management), Time Management, Travel Management, Payroll. Document transactions occurring within the specific modules generate account postings via account determination tables.

On the same day in a parallel session for HR students, expert focused on Human Resource Compensation Management. He said HCM is one of the most important processes in organizations across industries. The general idea on HR is related only to recruiting. But HR is much beyond just recruiting. In an organization, HR not just hires employees but segregates employees based on various factors such as department level, payment days, payment details, designations and more. Besides, various other works such as promotions, employee engagement and team motivation tasks are taken care of by the HR. These works might sound very simple; however, working out all these for people of an entire organization is not an easy work at all. To streamline all such HR processes, SAP ERP operations are widely used. SAP HCM ERP is one of the most flexible software for HR processes widely used across industries.

Mr. Varun, Marketing area expert focused on SAP Sales and Distribution (SD) module. He discussed majorly all the tasks involved in the SD process. While addressing to the students, he gave practical exposure on pre-sales activities, sales order, distribution of shipments, billing process, and generating customer invoice. He also explained linking of SD with other modules of SAP, the Enterprise structure participating in sales and distribution, Creating Master record for material, customer, partners, and all. He also discussed how to maintain documents related to sales, distribution, and billing, work on pre-sales activities covering sales document structure, inquiries, and quotations. All the students gained first- hand experience on various SAP modules.

The workshop was also attended by faculty members of the institute including Prof. Sunil Upadhyay, Prof. Ajay Sinha, Dr. V. N. Bajpai, Dr. Satish Kumar, Dr. A. P. Tripathi, Prof. Alok Singh and Dr. Charu Chaudhary, Dr. Surendera Tiwari, Dr. Puneet Singh.

The session ended with giving vote of thanks to MR. Amit Gupta, Mr. Varun and other experts for providing such wonderful insights about Finance, HR and Marketing Module of SAP.

Overall the workshop was very interactive and informative for all the attendees.

The workshop was very well coordinated by Dr. V.N Bajpai, Dr. Abhinav P. Tripathi, Prof. Sunil Upadhyay.

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11 Sep 2015

Dr. Anita Mathew attended a two day workshop on “Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Skill Assessment Process Certification”

Dr. Anita Mathew attended a two day workshop on “Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Skill Assessment Process Certification”

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