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29 May 2012

FDP on “International Teaching Practices”

A Faculty Development Programme on “International Teaching Practices” was organized on 29th May, 2012 by Department of Management Studies of I.T.S- Management & I.T Institute, Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad. The programme aimed at exploring innovative international practices for effective teaching. The resource person for the programme was Mr. David Wittenberg and the coordinator was Prof. Vinita Srivastava.

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06 Aug 2011

Joint International Case Workshop with University of Manitoba, Canada

Department of Management Studies, I.T.S Management & I.T. Institute, Ghaziabad organized a Joint International Case Workshop on "IT Marketing in India" on 06th August, 2011. A delegation of fifteen students from the University of Manitoba, Canada and twenty students of PGDM programme of I.T.S Ghaziabad participated in this workshop.

The workshop was inaugurated by Dr A K Puri, Director General of I.T.S Ghaziabad with the lamp lighting. In his inaugural address he mentioned that case study method of teaching used in management education is quite different and interesting from most of the methods of teaching used at various B-schools. It is different because it inculcates qualitative and quantitative analytical skill, decision making skills, application skills, oral communication skills and time management skills and Interesting in the sense that unlike traditional lecture-based teaching the case method is an active learning method, which requires participation and involvement from the participant. Dr Lena Horne, Professor at university of Manitoba, Canada highlighted the various issues related to case method of teaching. Dr Mohan Agrawal, the facilitator of the event briefed about the case for the discussion; “Tata Consultancy Services (TCS): Entry and Growth in the Health and Life Sciences Business”. Three Indo- Canadian teams consisting the students from University of Manitoba, Canada and I.T.S Ghaziabad were formed. All the teams have analysed and presented the case. The workshop was full of many colours of joy, happiness, togetherness, that could be seen in students of both the nations. It gave an opportunity to learn and at the same time to create an everlasting relationship. At the end the workshop was over with not just smiles on everyone’s faces but the memories of pulsating togetherness.

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08 Sep 2016

Guest Lecture by Dr. Mudit K Agarwal, Consultant, HFG Project of USAID for PGDM (15-17) batch.

The Guest Lecture was organized by Prof. Alok Singh on the topic “Procurement and Vendor Management” for PGDM (2015-17) batch – Operations specialization students on Thursday dated 8th September 2016 from 11:00 AM to 01:00 PM. The guest lecture got started with a warm welcome of Dr. Mudit K. Agarwal, Consultant, HFG Project of USAID, ABT Associates by Prof. Alok Singh. The guest lecture was delivered by Dr. Mudit K. Agarwal, he is a very learned and experienced consultant who started the lecture with some open issues related to Procurement and Vendor Management i.e. challenges and practical aspects about the procurement and then he took to the application of it in various field in the industry . He also told about the issues or problems which can be solved by the usage of strategic planning of Procurement and the importance of it. Then he talked about the role of Vendor Base Rationalization and Single Vendor Concept in the industry and what is the role of Vendor Management in managerial decision, then he explained Vendor Management technique with the help of various live examples. For the clearance of the basics of students he also displayed various examples and of different models, and instructed us to solve it which helped us to get our basics clear and after that he also explained the problem in detail.

Next, he explained about Brand Prism which includes Physique, Personality, Culture, Relationship, Reflection and Self Image. He has discussed about ABC Concept and 80-20 Rule that is now applicable and adopted in all the industries.

After the imparting of knowledge, he then interacted with the students and asked them to share their views regarding the topic and answered their queries as well such as discussed a little about role of Procurement and Vendor Management in supply chain management, Application of Procurement Principles in Retail Sector.

Guest Lecture ended with a vote of thanks by Prof. Alok Singh.

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13 Jul 2015

Staff Development Programme Conducted on Service Orientation and Professional Excellence

Staff Development Programme Conducted on Service Orientation and Professional Excellence

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05 Jul 2015

Faculty Development Programmes at I.T.S, Ghaziabad

The success of an education institution is dependent on its ability to transform student’s life. The key element in this process is the faculty. Understanding faculty’s role as a catalyst within a structured academic system is one of the most important prerequisite for creating a great learning organization. Keeping this in focus Institute of Technology & Science, Ghaziabad organised a series of Faculty Development Programmes on “Enhancement of Professional Competence of Faculty: Holistic Approach” in the month of June and July, 2015. The program was inaugurated by Dr. Pritam Singh, Director General, International Management Institute, New Delhi, Ex - Director IIM, Lucknow. In his inaugural address Dr. Singh highlighted the importance of continuous learning and being true to self. Dr. R. A Yadav, Chief Advisor, I.T.S - the Education Group presented overview of the program.

  • Faculty Facilitation Programme

    The first programme on Faculty Facilitation was conducted on 1st, 2nd & 3rd of June, 2015 with the objective to enhance competence of ITS Groups management faculty to discover and align themselves to contribute to development of students and orienting them on multiple learning styles and learning centric models. Dr. N. P. Singh, Prof. S. P. Mishra & Prof. Rita Sen Gupta, the facilitators of the programme conducted it in the workshop mode with a mix of lecture cum discussion, case methods, games, exercise and using psychometric instruments.

  • Pedagogic Models and Learning

    The second programme on Pedagogic Models and Learning was conducted on 5th, 6th, 8th and 9th June, 2015 with the objective of understanding on how students learn and to adapt teaching styles centered on learning based pedagogy. The programe enabled faculty to transition from traditional teaching practices to learning centric teaching practices. The course focused on equipping the participants with skills required for designing and using right mix pedagogical tools in management courses. First the philosophical undercurrents of teaching and learning process were explained, followed by the curriculum design. Then the teaching tools used in management namely Lectures, Audio Visual method, case method, action learning, role plays and simulation were introduced, explained and demonstrated.

  • Management Education Lab and Learning

    The third programme on Management Education Lab and Learning was organized on 1st & 2nd July, 2015 with the objective to integrate learning with the real life decision situations. The programme aimed at creating lab situations while teaching management programme. The programme facilitator Dr. N. P. Singh and Prof. Rita Sen Gupta discussed about the types of lab and the process of creating labs in classroom settings.

  • Role Plays, Case Study and Management Games

    The fourth programme on Role Plays, Case Study and Management Games was conducted on 3rd, 4th & 5th July, 2015. Simulation is any artificial environment exactly similar to the actual situation. There are three basic simulation techniques used for imparting training: management games, case study, and role playing. Properly designed games help to ingrain thinking habits, analytical, logical and reasoning capabilities, importance of team work, time management, to make decisions lacking complete information, communication and leadership capabilities. Use of management games can encourage novel, innovative mechanisms for coping with stress. Case studies are complex examples which give an insight into the context of a problem as well as illustrating the main point. Dr. Harsh Verma from FMS, Delhi University made it simple to unfold a case and helped faculty members to develop skills on how to deal with a case in a class room setting. Role-playing presents the student a valuable opportunity to learn not just the course content, but other perspectives on it. The facilitator Prof. Rita Sen Gupta and Prof. S. P. Mishra helped faculty members in understanding the steps involved in role playing include defining objectives, choose context & roles, introducing the exercise, trainee preparation/research, the role-play, concluding discussion, and assessment.

    26 faculty members from I.T.S, Ghaziabad and Greater Noida campus took part in all the FDPs. Fun filled, knowledge rich and self exploring journey left faculty members with a new orientation about themselves and the management education.

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31 Aug 2013

Faculty Development Programme: Future of HR

The Faculty Development Programme was held on 31st August, 2013 at Room no.4, AB IV at I.T.S, Mohan Nagar Campus. Dr. PUB Rao, area chair-HR welcomed the participants and the guest Dr. Anil Anand Pathak, Associate Professor-OB, MDI, Gurgaon.

    Following presentations were made by the faculty members:
  • Prof. D.K.Pandey : Emerging Concept in Hiring
  • Dr. Puneet Mohan : Human Potential Management
  • Prof. Gopal Krishna Dwivedi : The Language of Future Managers
  • Prof. Shikha Arora : Meaning Quotient at Workplace for Gen Y

Dr. Anil Anand Pathak gave valuable feedback to all the presenters. There was a healthy discussion among the group members the above said themes.

Prof. PUB Rao proposed formal vote of thanks.

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08 May 2013

FDP attended at Amity, Noida

FDP attended at Amity, Noida

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22 May 2012

FDP on “Emotional Intelligence”

A Faculty Development Programme on “Emotional Intelligence” was organised on 21st and 22nd May, 2012 by Department of Management Studies of I.T.S- Management & I.T Institute, Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad. The programme aimed at assessing of emotional quotient by the participants. The resource person for the programme was Dr. P.U.B.Rao and the coordinator was Dr. Mona Sahay.

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