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Marketing Club - MARRECUS organized an online activity “Oculus Quest” for PGDM students

Marketing Club - MARRECUS of Department of Management organized “Oculus Quest” an online activity on 1 October, 2020 for PGDM (batch 2020-22 ) students.


The objective behind the event was to brush up the knowledge of the students regarding the brand logos of various different brands and to check out the active listening skills of the students.

The activity was conducted in two rounds, in the first round different brand logos were divided into 4 quadrants and each quadrant was displayed for 15 seconds and the candidate had to identify the brand name.

The marking of the candidates was decided upon the number of quadrants a candidate took to identify a brand logo. Out of all the 20 participants, 6 participants were selected for the 2nd round where audio clips of different famous personalities were played and the candidate had to identify who that famous personality was.

A filler round was also kept for the audience as well where in the audience had to guess the jumbled taglines of different brands and products.

The top three winners were as follows:-

1st - Koushiki Basu (PGDM 20-22)

2nd - Mansi Goyal (PGDM 20-22)

3rd - Reena Mahajan (PGDM 20-22)

The winners were awarded e-certificates and Paytm gift vouchers. Each participant was provided with an e-participation certificate.

Also, there was an e- certificate for the most interactive participant in the audience.

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Guest Lecture on “e-Business & Internet Technology” for PGDM (2019-21) Batchand MBA(IT Specialization Group).

I.T.S – Mohan Nagar, Department of Management organized a Guest Lecture by Mr. Naveen Mamgain, 

Co-Founder & Design Head at Quick Ride, Bengaluru, Karnataka (Head Office) on the topic “e-Business & Internet Technology” for PGDM (2019-21) Batch and MBA (IT Specialization Group) on 30th  September  2020.

Director (Management) Dr.VidyaSekhri welcomed the Guest and emphasised on understanding the different aspects of e-Commerce and Digital Marketing.

Mr. Naveen Mamgain was previously associated with organizations like, Happiest Minds Technology, Century Link and others as UI designer and architect. He enlightened the students on the business model of very successful car-pooling startup Quick Ride. Quick Ride has got the best Start up award in 2019 by World Tourism Forum Lucerne (WTFL). Quick Ride estimated annual revenue is 20M $ .He emphasized that the key factors of Quick Ride’s success are Cost efficiency, Socializing, Time Optimization & Flexibility.

Ride-pooling apps provide common people with a very simple solution to solve the daily commutation problem through an economical and effective way. In a normal scenario, Quick Ride reduces daily travel costs by nearly 50% compared to a cab aggregator.

People from different organizations get an opportunity to interact which also leads to knowledge sharing and overall productive conversation. Most of the Metropolitan cities which are over-boiled with the menace of traffic, Quick Ride comes as a savior on how an individual can meaningfully use the travel time.

He explained how the advanced analytics capability and ride-matching algorithm of the application ensure that people travelling in similar routes are displayed. Through features such as daily booking, recurring booking, percentage ride match and type of vehicle (two or four-wheeler), these ride-sharing apps ensure that both the parties are in a win-win situation.

There was a student interaction session where the Guest answered and clarified students’ queries. At the end vote of thanks was given by the faculty coordinators Prof. LokeshUpreti and Prof. Mansi Singh.

It was a wonderful session. Participants enjoyed the learning filled experience.

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Online Workshop organized by Institute Innovation Council, ITS Mohan Nagar

On the 28th of September, 2020 an online workshop was held under the aegis of the Institute Innovation Council (IIC), ITS Mohan Nagar,

with a view to familiarise PG students from both PGDM and MBA courses with the issues relating to starting entrepreneurial ventures. The two resource persons invited for the same were Dr Nikhil Agrawal, CEO, Foundation for Innovation and Research in Science and Technology (FIRST), IIT Kanpur and Mr Amitava Pal, Associate Dean IISM and Mentor AIM, NITI Aayog.

Welcoming the guests on the occasion, Director (Management) and President, IIC ITS, Dr Vidya Sekhri spoke about the goals of the IIC initiative and highlighting the objective of the session emphasized on the need and importance of Entrepreneurship during these turbulent times. She also referred to how, in spite of the constraints imposed by the pandemic, technology had afforded us the ability to have this interaction. She urged the students to use this pandemic as an opportunity to explore new business ideas and convert them into a venture.

The first eminent speaker Dr. Nikhil Agrawal discussed the various facets of incubating entrepreneurial ventures and the support provided by IIT in this regard.  He discussed the types of ventures that the IIT would willingly take into consideration irrespective of the educational institution of the student innovator with its nondiscriminatory approach. Frequently referring to his experiences at FIRST, he stressed on the fact that it was not necessary to have a background in the IITs to be an innovator. He pointed out that anybody with a promising idea was welcome to approach incubation centres such as the one he was associated with. He also referred to how innovative ideas from India had helped to combat the Covid crisis and oriented the students on design thinking. He exemplified this through the masks developed by his institute which were being used by leaders like the Prime Minister as well as other public figures and alluded to the development of ventilator technology.

The second distinguished resource speaker Mr. Amitava Pal shared his views on how venture capitalists and investors needed to be approached for any new project. He emphasised that what mattered was the idea and not where it came from. Accepting that it was not always easy to come out with an original concept, he said that it was necessary to distinguish one’s own creation from other competing ideas. He focused on ideation and the relevance of it from the customer perspective and also shared inputs on the precise extent to which ideas can be shared with investors.  While words like ideation are thrown about a lot, it was important to give proper thought to the same as the corporates are always interested in contributing to anything which holds promise. While an individual may have several ideas, one needed to start from the low hanging fruit, viz. those that are most possible to convert into reality. It was also necessary to speak to several people and develop one’s own network so as to have a better conception of one’s creation. He discussed the importance of strengthening networks and focusing on creation of a self brand that is able to pull people rather than creation of the product brand. He also highlighted the extreme hard work that needs to be put in by the innovator.

All the student participants were actively involved during the entire session as reflected in their rapt attention and they raised their concerns and doubts throughout the session. Such an interactive session definitely goes a long way in nurturing young innovators.

Wrapping up the session, Dr Rajeev Johari, Convener, IIC ITS followed the Director (Management), President- IIC in thanking the corporate guests along for making time for the interaction with the students and hoped that ITS would have the pleasure of having them for many more such occasions of thoughtful insights in future.

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Two days Online Workshop on “Financial Modeling”

I.T.S - Mohan Nagar, Department of Management organized an online workshop on “Financial Modeling” for Finance specialization participants from PGDM (2019-21) Batch on 26th -27th September, 2020.

The resource person of the workshop was Mr. Kapil Kalra, CFA, Vice President, Sky Power Global, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He has a rich  15 + years of experience in diversified C&IB (focusing on Infrastructure Project Financing) across different critical verticals of wholesale banking.

The workshop started with the motivational words by Dr Vidya Sekhri, Director-Management, She highlighted on the importance of financial modeling in today’s scenario.

The speaker started with introduction of basics of Financial Modeling widely used in Excel. The Participants were also deliberated with the importance of Modeling and its future implication in how to take decisions in models. 

He had shown students how to do a modeling of a project from scratch as well as give some real time scenario to build financial modeling. He further deliberated the Fundamentals of Financial Modeling, and how to implement in the excel in the well-mannered form; Assumptions in Financial Modeling as per industry aspects, interpretation of output from model and the also explained regarding presenting the results from financial modeling. Also discuss the various important components of financial modeling, what are things we need to consider to build a good model.

He also took questions from the students and answered them satisfactorily. Towards the end of the session, the Plaque was presented to the Speaker as a token of gratitude and remembrance. The entire workshop was very informative & inspiring for everyone

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Anubhav 2020 - Summer Internship Project Competition

I.T.S - Mohan Nagar, Department of Management organised 7th Online Summer Internship Project Competition “Anubhav - 2020”

for PG Management students on 26th September 2020 with an objective to provide a platform to the budding managers to share their first hand experiences, learning and ideas gained during their almost two months association with corporate in recent past during their Summer internship.

Event was a big hit as more than 60 participants from various management Institutions from all over the India.

Dr. Ashish Ambasta, Founder & CEO – Happy + Consulting, Director – Kincentric was the Chief Guest of the event and Mr. Amit Pandey, COO – Exicom TeleSystems Ltd. graced the event as Guest of honour.

The event commenced with the welcome address of Director (Management), Dr. Vidya Sekhri. Dr. Puneet Kumar presented the overview of the programme and highlighted different dimensions of the SIP. 

In his inaugural address, Mr. Ambasta said attention should be on pursuing life's mission of Reducing Suffering & Increase Happiness of those you touch' to the next level. In workplace context, it’s about ensuring people deliver world class performance and feel happy about themselves.

Mr. Amit Pandey in his inaugural address said that Summer Internship is a critical step in the process of enhancing students’ credentials and boosting up the competitiveness. Employers expect to see good performers listed on the resumes of potential employees.

SIP competition witnessed presentation in different tracks, each track was judged by a panel of subject matter experts.

Students from institutes like; SJPI(NICM), XIME, Bangalore, National Institute of Bank Management (NIBM)  Pune, Bennett University, Kiet group of institutions, JSS Academy of Technical Education,Noida, Xavier institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, Bangalore, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow, KIET group of institutions, IES Management College and Research Centre, N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research Globsyn Business School, KIET Group Of Institutions, and K.R Mangalam University took active participation in the competition.

Participants shared their presentations based on their experiences and learning during summer internship. All the presentations were evaluated on parameters like Research methodology, analysis and findings, suggestions, logical flow and control over presentation etc.

Vaishali Menon from ITS won the first prize in HR, Sharon Carl from IES Management College and Research Centre, Mumbai in Operations Management, Srijan Eppalapally form National Institute of Bank Management (NIBM), Pune in Finance and Rohit Kumar - Globsyn Business School, Kolkata in Marketing.

After the daylong presentations at four different venues, cash prizes and certificates were awarded to the winners in various categories.

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Guest lecture on “Recent Trends in Supply Chain Management

I.T.S - Mohan Nagar, Department of Management organized a guest lecture on “Recent Trends in Supply Chain Management” for PGDM (2019-2021) batch on 19th September, 2020.


The Guest Speaker of the session was Ms Deepika Arora, Senior Category Manager, Shipping Industry, Denmark. She has a rich 15 year experience as procurement professional in diverse industries including retail, automotive and marine.

The speaker brought forward the risks and challenges faced by the supply chain across the globe in today’s scenario and the ways and methods by which these challenges can be overcome.

She enlightened the students on recent trends in Supply Chain Management across various domains. She emphasized that the key parameters that would carry this change forward are agility, digitization & customization.

The eminent speaker touched upon the opportunities in the field of SCM and the skillset required by the professionals in this area.

She also took questions from the students and answered them satisfactorily.

At the end of the session, a vote of thanks was given by Dr. Vidya Sekhri, Director (Management). The entire session was very informative & inspiring for everyone.

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Webinar on "Traits of Success" for PGDM - I Trimester students

I.T.S Mohan Nagar Ghaziabad organised a webinar on the focal theme “Traits of Success” for PGDM students of 2020-2022 Batch on 19th September 2020.

The Guest Speaker of the session was Mr. Beni Kinha” who is the Founder of Nectar FactorFoundation. He is a renownedLife Skills Coach and Learning Facilitator.

In her welcome address, Dr. Vidya Sekhri, Director Management advised the students to strive hard for achieving their objectives with zeal and enthusiasm, She also emphasised that for success a positive attitude a zeal to persevere are a must.

Mr. Beni in his energetic address called on the youth of the nation and advised the students to keep up the spirit of questioning. He urged the students to keep the kindle of the curiosity burning because it is the curiosity which makes then different from the crowd.

In his session he also mentioned to the students the importance of having a clear objective in life , be it on personal or professional life. The clarity with the goal will make them more and more prepared to face the uncertainties of life and make them successful.

Overall, the session was motivational and the students raised many questions at the end of the session. A virtual plaque was presented to Mr. Beni by Director Management.

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Online workshop on “Predictive analytics in Marketing Research using SPSS”

I.T.S - Mohan Nagar, Department of Management organized an Online Demonstrative workshop

on “Predictive Analytics in Marketing Research using SPSS” for Marketing Research and Information System specialization participants from PGDM 2019-21 Batch on 17th September, 2020. The resource person of the workshop was Dr. Jeffrey Lawrence D’silva -Principal Researcher, Institute of Social Sciences Studies, University of Putra, Malaysia.

The Online Workshop started with introduction of basics of statistical tools widely used in Marketing Research. The Participants were also deliberated with the importance of Marketing Research and its future implication in Analytics. 

The instructor further deliberated the fundamentals of multiple linear regression in marketing, Logistic regression in marketing, Hierarchal Regression, importance of HR in marketing Research, Assumptions in Logistic Regression, Data preparation: coding of responses, Interpretation of output from logistic regression and also explained regarding Presenting the results from logistic Regression

A practice case study, Practice exercises and Excel Sheet was provided to the all the participants beforehand.

Hand-outs of major SPSS Commands were also handed over to the participants. During the series of discourse, the positive suggestions and feedbacks were also shared by Participants. 

Towards the end of the session the Plaque was presented to the resource Person as token of gratitude and remembrance. Honourable Director Management Dr. Vidya Sekhri also graced the occasion and highlighted the importance of Predictive Analytics in Today’s world.

The workshop was conducted and coordinated by Dr. Garima Srivastav. 

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Finvest club organized SPUR-OF-THE-MOMENT for PGDM students

Finvest Club of Department of Management at ITS – Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad organized an online activity named “SPUR-OF-THE-MOMENT” for PGDM (2020-22) students on 17th September, 2020. 

The activity was basically an extempore competition which checked the ability of the students of how much they are capable of thinking out of the box. There were total 13 participants who spoke on the topics inclusive of pictorial as well as situation based also at the end of the competition we had a quiz for the audience as well. The activity started sharp at 3.00 pm with the kind words of Director Management Dr. Vidya Sekhri, where she motivated and enlightened the participants and audience with their kind words and it concluded at 4:30. We had Prof. Yachna Mahlotra as the judge of the competition. Out of the 13 participants top 3 performers of the activity were awarded with Appreciation Certificates and rest others were given the Participation Certificate. The activity was conducted under the guidance of Faculty Mentor Dr. Anurag Bahadur Singh.

 Result of the Event -:

1st Position : Arnima Vats

2nd Position: Reena Mahajan

3rd Position: Milandeep Raina

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Management Faculty attended ATAL-AICTE virtual FDP

Dr. Rajeev Johari, Department of Management, Institute of Technology and Science, Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad

attended five days ATAL-AICTE virtual FDP organised by GTU Innovation Council’s Rajkot centre on the subject “Creativity, Innovation & Entrepreneurship and Its Relevance in Educational Practice” during 24th August, 2020 to 28th August, 2020.

Shri Nitin Gadkari Hon’ble Minister for MSME, RT & H and Shipping was the chief guest of the program. Dr. Anil Shastrabudhe, Chairman of AICTE and Shree Bhupenrasinh Chudasama, Hon'ble Education Minister, Government of Gujarat were the guest of honors. The Chief Patron was Prof. (Dr.) Navin Sheth, Hon'ble Vice Chancellor, GTU and Dr. K. N. Kher, Registrar, GTU was the invitee.

The FDP highlighted on innovation strategies to be inculcated in educational practice in teaching pedagogy amongst faculty fraternity by promoting and nurturing an advancement in the culture of design, innovation, creative problem solving and entrepreneurship. The FDP was delivered by eminent speakers, experts from academia, industry and government bodies. The FDP covered the whole Design Thinking process and innovation, creativity to help faculty to teach the students to inculcate entrepreneurship qualities and approaches, which can be taken in educational practice apt for all the Faculty Members who want to acquaint with Design Domains.

Ms. Bhuminka Sukhadia of OPE Lab delivered a session on design thinking for catalysing innovation and entrepreneurship. Shri B. K Chakravarti of IIT conducted a live lecture on 7 concerns of innovation. Dr. Piyush Jain delivered the session on Innovative composite materials and it’s applicability in latest design and manufacturing trends. Dr. Preet Deep Singh of Invest India delivered a practical session on blockchain. Mr. Rohit Bhatia of SIEMENS delivered his session on NX Additive manufacturing. Ms Jinali Thacker of IIM spoke on Company Incorporation. Mr Vishal Sarvaiya delivered his lecture on Govt selling and tendering. Mr. Gudipuri Krishna Sharma of Invest India delivered his lecture on Startup India Schemes. Dr. Suchita Markan of BCIL delivered her session on Best Practices of Technology Transfer – Catalysing Ideation and Commercialisation. Mr. Janak Sinh Jhala of Khaitan & Co. spoke on Patent Prosecution in India and abroad. Mr. Chet Jainn delivered a session on Fundraising – best practices. Ms Nidhi Sureka delivered lecture on Business Model canvas and value proposition. Mr. Ashish Gupta delivered his lecture on Legal Compliances and Mr. Ahmed Mustafa delivered a session on MSME insights.

Overall the sessions followed the approach of employing real life issues towards effective practical learning with numerous relevant examples and cases. It was a rich learning opportunity for the participants. The interactive nature of the sessions further added to better imbibing of the contents touched during the course.

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