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MARKETING CLUB - MARRECUS Organized “Marketing Maestros an online activity for PGDM Students

I.T.S. School of Management, Ghaziabad and MARRECUS-The Marketing Club has organized “Marketing Maestros” an online activity on 24th December 2020 for PGDM batch (2020-22).


The objective behind the event was to create the brands and general awareness among the students by solving simple riddles.

The activity was conducted in two rounds. In the first round, there were different brand riddles that were shown at the screen for every participants and the candidates had to identify the brand name. Out of all the 25 participants, 6 participants were selected for the 2nd round. The 2nd round was conducted on menti,com. All the 6 participants were asked to put a code on and then to start with 2nd round. In the second round pictures of different brands were displayed on the screen and after that participants were supposed to select the correct answer from the following question.

A filler round was also kept for the audience as well, the audience has to guess the brand name and brand ambassador for the images displayed on their screen.

The Top Three winners were as follows:-

FIRST – Koushiki Basu , section-A

FIRST RUNNER UP- Harsh Agarwal, section-B

SECOND RUNNER UP-Mamta Singh, section-B

The activity was concluded with vote of thanks by Club President- Aakash Jauhuri and words of wisdom by Dr. Garima Sirvastva.(Club Coordinator)

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Two days workshop on “The Shift in Digital Marketing-Interactive Content, AI, Marketing Analytics and more” for PGDM

ITS School of Management organized Two Day Demonstrative workshop on “The shift in Digital Marketing – Interactive Content,

AI, Marketing Analytics and More” for Social and Digital Media Marketing participants from PGDM 2019-21 Batch on 18th& 19thDecember, 2020, conducted by Mr. Debajyoti Banerjee - Founder & CEO at Seven Boats info. system Pvt. Ltd., invited speaker at IIM Shillong, IIT-KGP,BITS-Pilani, IIM Rohtak.

The workshop started with introduction of the Subject and basic fundamentals Digital Marketing. The Participants were also deliberated with the importance of Content marketing Gamification and its future implication in Analytics. The Workshop was divided in Two days’ time schedule.

Day 1 : The workshop started with the Brief about AACRO™ model of Digital Marketing, Understanding digital consumer behaviour, acquisition & engagement, Gamification & it’s relevance, M3 Model - Motivation Momentum Meaning Model, Gamification Strategies -Prize/Rewards, Open Engagement, Timing Urgency, Competitive Leader board, Types of Gamification - Web, Social, Mobile App, purpose - Social engagement, Referral, Retention/Re-Engagement, Lead Gen, Brand Recognition, Gamification Tools - Simple, Readymade & Technical, DIY - Exercise - Make a Gamification strategy or build a quick simple game, AI and its relevance in Digital Marketing.

Day 2 : The workshop resumes with the concept of You tube channel Promotion & Marketing Analytics & Marketing Intelligence, you tube channel setup, you tube creator studio, Video Promotion Strategies, You tube SEO, Cards, End Screens, Watermark, CTA Youtube Partner Program to earn Money, ACC method, Segmentation & Preference, Measurement New vs returning, Frequency, Recency & Engagement/Goal, Heatmap & User interaction Ananlysis, User Flow Ananlysis Technology, Browsers, Mobile Usage analysis Web traffic.

Towards the conclusion, Director (Management), Dr Vidya Sekhri Felicitated the resource person with the virtual Plaque as a token of gratitude & remembrance. She highlighted the Importance of the Gamification and Predictive Analytics to the Participants. During the series of discourse, the positive suggestions and feedbacks were also shared by Participants. Dr Garima Srivastav proposed vote of thanks as a closing the remark which brought Two-day workshop towards the end.

The workshop was conducted and coordinated by Dr. Garima Srivastav. 

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Department of management, I.T.S Mohan Nagar Ghaziabad organized an online Corporate talk on “MANTHAN - Beyond The Uncharted Landscape” for MBA batch 2019-21 & PGDM batch 2020-22 on 18thDecember, 2020.


The speaker for the session was Mr. Achal Rangaswamy , who is the CEO at Achal Rangaswamy the Coach (EVERYBODY MAKES A LIVING. I HELP MAKE LIVES)  has conducted workshops and seminars on various subjects and guiding young and young-at-heart managers to excel. He’s  also a Tedx speaker (IIM RAIPUR).  Other than specialities like Selling Skills, mentoring and coaching. Time Management and Leadership ,Also coaching CEOs and Top Management and providing innovative solutions to companies that may have hit a plateau or are trying to rise above the ordinary.

In the beginning of the session, the speaker Mr. Achal said “Be grateful for what you have now instead of cribbing for what you don’t have”. He also talked about develop a attitude of gratitude, learning with joy is important, he also mention Find your Goal, be grateful & work responsibly. He told a story about his employee Ashok Mathew who joined as an intern and his way to left a great impression every day.

After that Mr. Achal talked about very important seven pillars of personality which include (Assertive, Communication Skills, Intellectual ability, Personal appearance & grooming, Maturity & Responsibility, key starter, Determination to success. He also talked about the ways to crack interview & Different ways to introduce  according to the situation.

After this fruitful discussion Mr. Prashant Pareek  asked for Q&A round where student asked several question and Mr. Achal answered all the question with full of explanation & joy.

At last the complete session is ended by Mr. Prashant Pareek by thanking Mr. Achal Rangaswamy for giving his valuable time & sharing his thought and views.       

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HR Club Activity - "CRACK THE WHIP” for PGDM Students

I.T.S School of Management conducted HR Club (The Oppo Makers) activity - "Crack the Whip" for PGDM batch 2020-22 on 15th and 17th December, 2020.

Main objective behind this activity was to develop insights in the students about recent HR news and happenings and to include fun & entertainment to a monotonous routine. The activity was conducted in 2 rounds. The first round was conducted via Google forms. There were 15 questions and time duration given was 15 minutes. Top 10 participants were qualified for the 2nd round, which was held on Zoom Platform.

In the second round, HR Tambola was conducted. Participants were provided with their respective tickets beforehand. The questions were then presented on the screen and participants had to strike off the correct answers on their tickets.

The top 3 positions were held by:

1. House (1st position) - Anuj Kumar Srivastava

2. Top Line (2nd position) - Sakshi Rawat

3. Middle Line (2nd position) - Kartikay Vats

4. Bottom Line (2nd position) - Shubham Rathor

5. Early 5 (3rd position) - Shubham Ghosh

The activity was conducted under the supervision of Dr. Vivek Pachauri.

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Corporate Talk Session by Mr. Arvind Mehrotra Advisor- CRMIT & Birlasoft, President of IMS- NIIT Technology Ltd. for PGDM students.

Department of Management ITS, Mohan Nagar Ghaziabad organized Corporate Talk for PGDM 2020-22 Batch 

by Mr. Arvind Mehrotra,  Advisor- CRMIT & Birlasoft, President of IMS- NIIT Technology Ltd.  on the topic “Harnessing Leadership skills for a Changing World" on 17 December, 2020.

Mr. Arvind Mehrotra started the session with sharing the thought on how in tackling the continual change  leadership is very critical and how leaders need to develop certain Mantras to be successful in the recent times. He highlighted that leaders need to develop empathy, seek collaboration and guide openness.

Mr. Arvind highlighted how leaders develop culture in the organization and specifically mentioned about the four types of culture, i.e. “POWER, BUREACUCARY,TASK&PERSON” and also mentioned about their consequences. The speaker also talked about strategic leaders which include –“The DEFENDER, PROSPECTPORS AND ANALYSERS.”

Mr. Mehrotra emphasized the fact that leaders build future, develop team members potential and keep them engaged & self-reliant. He concluded the session by emphasizing on the fact that current is uncertain and future is unknown and also mentioned that “Motivation is the future differentiator.”

The session was very participative. There were various queries from the student’s side regarding leadership and adaptation in the changing environment. The Session was concluded by honouring Mr. Arvind Mehrotra with a virtual plaque and a special vote of thanks was given to him.

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Virtual Industrial Visit to Yakult Danone India

I.T.S. School of Management organized a Virtual Industrial Visit to Yakult Danone India for PGDM Batch 2020-22 on 15th December, 2020.

The session was taken by Mr. Ajay and Mr. Tushar from Yakult. Mr Ajay started the session with the history of Yakult. He talked about how in 1930, Dr. Minoru Shirota, a scientist in Japan became the first in the world to succeed in culturing a strain of Lactic Acid Bacteria beneficial to human health. He mentioned that bacteria present in Yakult’s drink reaches alive in our intestine which helps in improving digestion and building immunity. In 1935, Yakult was commercially launched in Japan.

The speaker also highlighted the fact that one can drink Yakult at any time of the day. However, the drink is required to be stored at a temperature below 10 degree Celsius. Also, if the drink is left out for too long, it can kill the bacteria present in it.

The speaker also talked about the differences between the Red and Blue bottles of Yakult. The red bottle is the original Yakult and the blue bottle is Yakult Light. Both have the same number of unique bacteria; however, Yakult Light is enriched with Vitamin D & E and contains less sugar.

Towards the end of session, a video was presented by the speaker to provide students with more clarity about the productions and operations management in Yakult Industries. Also, a few questions were taken up from students.

 At the end of the session a digital plaque was presented to the guest as a token of gratitude and remembrance. Overall, the virtual visit was a great learning platform for the students.

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Online Workshop “Investment Awareness among the Young Generation”

I.T.S. School of Management in collaboration with SV Welfare Partners organized an online workshop on

“Investment Awareness among the Young Generation” for PGDM batch 2020-22 on 9th December, 2020. The expert for the session was Mr. Shamsher Singh. He is an MBA graduate and a certified financial planner who has conducted over 8000+ training sessions with distributors and senior professionals in the Banking and Insurance sector.  He is also a CNBC Financial Award winner.

Mr. Singh apprised the participants about the need to understand and identify personal investment goals and accordingly choose suitable investment options to maximize the return.  He elaborated the three most important considerations for any product i.e., Returns, Safety and Liquidity. He also briefed the participants about Gold Exchange Traded Funds - ETF along with other categories of fund investments.

Students raised a number of queries which was satisfactorily answered by the expert. Towards the end of the session, a virtual plaque was presented to the expert as a token of gratitude and remembrance.

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Zenith – The Soft Skills Club an Online Activity “The Mindbenders – Train Your Brain” for PGDM

Zenith – The Soft Skills Club of Management Department organized an Online Activity “The Mindbenders – Train Your Brain” on 3rd December 2020 for PGDM (2020-22) batch students.

The objective of the activity was to give glimpse of the aptitude test to the students, which is the important part of interview and help them in enhancing their reasoning skills and general awareness.

This activity was conducted in two rounds. The first round was conducted on 01 December 2020  through the Google form, in which 20 questions related to aptitude were given.

The second round was conducted on 03 December 2020 on Zoom platform in which questions related to general knowledge and reasoning were asked. Participants were given 10 seconds for each question.

The event was made even more interesting and interacting when the audience were also allowed to participate in the filler round of the activity.

The result of the activity was as follows:

Apurva – Winner

Pooja Pal – First runner up

Reena Mahajan – Second runner up

Winners received e-certificates and participants were also awarded with participation certificates. Activity got the positive and encouraging feedback by all the participants.

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Library club online activity “Brainholic Bandits” for PGDM (batch 2020-22) students.

Library Club – The Reader’s Cafe of the ITS School of Management organized “Brainholic Bandits” an online activity on 26th November, 2020 for PGDM (batch 2020-22) students.


The objective behind the event was to brush up the knowledge of the students and to increase the confidence and self awareness in the students.

The activity was conducted in two rounds. The first round was conducted on 17th November, 2020. It was a Quiz round held on Google forms related to general awareness and contemporary topics. Out of all the participants, top 10 participants were selected for the 2nd round.

The second round was held on 26th November, 2020, where the candidate had to represent themselves as a brand. Participants were given one and half minutes each for their presentation and the activity was judged by Prof. Shikha Aggarwal ma'am and Prof. Ritika ma'am on the basis of these five criteria – Communication, Confidence, Creativity, Body Language, & Presentation of Idea.

A feedback form was circulated for the audience and the performers both.

The top three winners were as follows:-

1st - Reena Mahajan (PGDM 20-22)

2nd – Anuj Kumar Srivastava (PGDM 20-22)

3rd - Koushiki Basu (PGDM 20-22)

The winners were awarded e-certificate for their achievement. Each participant was provided with an e-participation certificate.

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Corporate Talk on “Build Your Own (Self) Brand on Social Media " for PGDM

Department of Management ITS, Mohan Nagar Ghaziabad organized Corporate Talk for PGDM

(2020-22) Batch by  Ms. Aditi Ohri, - The Maker, Director and Operations and Strategy Emporia Marketing Private Limited on the topic  “Build Your Own (Self) Brand on Social Media " on 20 November, 2020.

Ms. Aditi mentioned that it is imperative that the students of present times are fully aware of the power and potential of the Social media. The various social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, Instagram are unique in their own ways, and students should channelise their powers so as to derive maximum benefit. In this age of digitalisation, where clicks and likes matter the most, it is important that students understand what and how to post.

Ms. Aditi, shared some simple tips with the students regarding what content needs to be posted, with what frequency it has to be posted and what privacy features should be followed while posting. Further in her session she mentioned how social media can be used to promote one’s own branding so that it can suit the professional life also.

Ms. Aditi mentioned that how important it is to have viable presence on various Social Media platforms. The influence of these platforms goes a long way in establishing one’s personality.

The session was very participative. There were various queries from the student’s side, regarding the cyber laws and security and relevance of various posts. The Session was concluded by honouring her with a virtual plaque and a special vote of thanks was given to him.

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