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28- Apr-2022

Workshop on the Topic: Learning through Management Games

Department of Management at I.T.S - Mohan Nagar organized a workshop on "Learning through Management Games”  for the final  year students of BBA and BCA courses at  I.T.SUG Campus, Mohan Nagar. The workshop was taken by Dr. D. K. Pandey Professor (HRM).  

Management Games (or Business GamesBusiness Simulators) refers to the training method for managers. This form of training is based on an artificial environment that simulates the real situation in the management of the organization, whether it’s planningdecision makingcontrolcommunications or management itself. Business games allow monitoring of the consequences of decisions, and respond naturally to various situations.

The Management Games conducted today for the students was “Survival on the Moon”. The game was conducted with objective to demonstrate; Leadership, Individual & Group Decision Making process, Communication process, Managing Conflict and Team Work skills.

The students participated with great enthusiasm and zeal. During debriefing session, students were explained the above behavioral concepts in the light of the game played. The session was highly interactive with high degree of student’s engagement.

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27- Apr-2022

Workshop on "Financial Wellness- The key to success"

I.T.S School of Management organized an online session for participants of PGDM (2021-23) Batch on the topic "Financial Wellness- The key to success" on April 27th, 2022.  

The session was delivered by the esteemed guest, Mr. Kanak Kr Jain from SSL Academy.

The session focused on learning to get internships and jobs in financial institutions and few game-based activities was also conducted and he also covered the important points in context to following:

·         Enemies of Income i.e, INFLATION & TAX

·         Power of Compounding

·         Advantages of Mutual Fund

·         Benefits of starting Investment early

·         Goals of Life: S-{Specific}, M-{Measurable}, A-{Attainable}, R-{Relevant},  T-{Time Based}

He elaborated the RVCC program which is a 9-day certification program with SSL Academy & NSE Academy (Subsidiary of National Stock Exchange). In 9 days 9 Modules will be covered in detail & an Exam will be conducted from NSE. He further discussed an internship will also be offered to students who wish to have a career in Finance & score above 80% (Grade A) in RVCC Certification Exam conducted by National Stock Exchange Academy.

The 9 Modules of program are as follows: 

·         The Volatility Game

·         Technical Analysis Volatility Game

·         Fundamental Analysis Volatility Game

·         Debt Volatility Game

·         Options & Derivative Game

·         Vision Game

·         Influencer Game

·         Financial Planning Game

·         Mutual Fund Analysis Game

It was a very interactive session and the participants raised several questions which were answered by Mr. Kanak Kr Jain to their satisfaction. Overall, the session was very enriching and full of learning for the participants.

At the end Mr. Debargha Deb proposed a vote of thanks to Mr. Kanak Kr Jain.

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26- Apr-2022

Workshop on the Topic: Effective Communication Skills

Department of Management at I.T.S - Mohan Nagar organized a workshop on "Effective Communication Skills" for the final year students of BBA and BCA courses at  I.T.SUG Campus, Mohan Nagar.

Prof. Yachna Malhotra of I.T.S School of Management took up the workshop and introduced the importance and requirement of Effective Communication in the personal and professional life.

Initially to get connected with the participants, an ice breaking activity was conducted to make students alert and active listeners for the session.

The session was a mix of both the slide show coupled with some interesting activities, engaging videos and online quizzes to make students understand the significance and need of Effective Communication Skills for making their personal and professional interactions  more effective, clear and result oriented.

Session completely focused on all the three V’s of Communication i.e. Vocal,Verbal and Visual. Students were given demonstration on effective Non – Verbal Communication skills by making them part to some interesting videos on Body Language, Facial expressions and eye-contact during business meetings. Participants were over whelmed with the outputs and experiences they had during the session. Prof. Yachna Malhotra also shared the tips and techniques with the students to enhance their speaking and verbal skills. The session concluded with an energizing activity on Listening Skills in which all the students actively participated and realized that effective communication can help them to enhance their personalities and in-turn will make them better professionals.

Prof. Yachna Malhotra offered thanks to all participants for their patient listening and active participation during the session. 

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06- Apr-2022

Workshop on “Intellectual Property Rights & IP management for Startups” conduct by GLOCAL, IB together with Institution’s Innovation Council.

GLOCAL, IB club of I.T.S School of management together with Institution’s Innovation Council organized “Workshop onIntellectual Property Rights & IP management for Startups” for participants of PGDM (2021-23) batch on 6th April, 2022.  

The session was delivered by Ms. Smriti Yadav, Partner- Khaitan &Co. & IPR Practice Group. She initiated the session by explaining about Intellectual Property Protector in India. She explained about trademark registration process, conventional marks & non-conventional marks,strong and weak trademarks, designs, exclusion, revocation,commercialization and its impact on IPR. She also quite nicely highlighted on what can’t be registered as a trade mark and confidential information. She emphasized on the concept of trade secrets and peculiarities from Indian law perspective using popular case/ company examples.Further in the session she discussed about the timelines and process for filing patents in India.

The session was quite interactive as participants asked many relevant questions and the guest answered them up to their satisfaction. The session was then concluded with the presentation of a virtual plaque to guest of honor as a token of gratitude. Overall, the session was indeed a very engaging and insightful.

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25- Mar-2022

FDP on “Methodology for Advanced Research and Quality Publication” attended Management faculty

Prof. Shikha Aggarwal participated and completed One week Faculty Development Programme on “Methodology for Advanced Research and Quality Publication” organized by Birla School of Commerce, Birla Global University, Bhubaneswar during March 21 – 25, 2022.    

The FDP had various eminent resource person through the span of entire week who talked about various aspects of advanced research methodology. Content analysis, hypothesis testing, pre-requisites for High quality publications, tools and techniques including Hands- on session on SPSS and R studio were some major topics taught during the program. The session during the week were well- planned and the content was also extremely useful for enhancing better research prospects. Some of the speakers included Prof. (Dr.) Ravi Kumar Jain, Professor &Director, Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM), Hyderabad; Dr. Suvendu Kumar Pratihari, Asst. Professor, Birla Global University; Prof. (Dr.) Uma Sankar Mishra, Professor and Head Central University of Rajasthan; Dr. Siddharth Misra , Asst. Professor, Birla Global University; Dr. Biswajit Acharjya , Asst. Professor, Birla Global University and Dr. Pradipta Kumar Sanyal , Associate professor, Birla Global University.

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22- Mar-2022

Management Faculty attended FDP on “Innovative approaches in Management Teaching”

Prof. Shikha Aggarwal participated and completed one-week Faculty Development Programme on “Innovative approaches in Management Teaching” organized by Panipat Institute of Technology & Science, Haryana during March 22-26, 2022.  

The FDP was very informative and discussed new and innovative ways of teaching learning. There were various resource persons aligned on various days covering multiple tools and innovative teaching pedagogies. The entire workshop was focused on enhancing teachers’ capabilities in the newly disruptive online education era. In this time, when the internet and technologies are greatly being used in teaching and education, the importance of using videos, movies and MOOCs courses to supplement classroom teaching was discussed. Participative experience of various platforms like Kahoot and Google classroom was also a part of the FDP. Kahoot! is a game-based learning platform that brings engagement and fun to the routine and monotonous teaching- classroom environment. 

On the other hand, Google Classroom is another platform that has become all-in-one place for teaching and learning. It is easy to use and secure tool and helps educators manage, measure, and enrich learning experiences.

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19- Mar-2022

FDP on "Communication and Management Skills at Workplace" attended by Prof. Shikha Aggarwal

Prof. Shikha Aggarwal, faculty of Department of Management participated and successfully completed 1- week Faculty Development Programme on "Communication and Management Skills at Workplace" organized by Electronics & ICT (E&ICT) Academy of IIT- Guwahati, in association with Bapatla Engineering College, Andhra Pradesh and EarlyRise during March 14 - 19, 2022.   

The resource person for the entire faculty development programme was MS. Neha Maheshwari, The FDP course was of total 40 hours expanded over one week. The sessions were planned in morning and evening slots. The objective of the FDP was:

·         To develop skills to ask questions.

·         To Develop skills in listening actively and empathetically to others

·         To Learn what their non-verbal messages are convey others

·         To Enhance their ability to handle difficult situations

·         To Deal with situations assertively

·         To Identify common communication problems that may hold employees back

The resource person focused on developing assertive and persuasive communication and also highlighted the importance of such communication in the workplace. It also emphasized upon recognize different styles of communication and howto improve understanding and build rapport with others. The resource person also reflected on different methods of communication and how one can recognize and choose the best way/ method to go forward in communication. Importance of non- verbal communication was emphasized and effective message formulation was also explained in a very comprehensive manner.

The assessment of the workshop was based on daily post- session quizzes and assignments shared in Google classroom. Lastly, a case study-based project work was to be submitted for final evaluation. The workshop was very insightful and engaging.

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Workshop on “Financial Models in Project Selection” for PGDM participants

I.T.S school of Management organized an internal workshop for participants of PGDM (2021-2023)  

undertaking the elective course in Project Management on the topic “Financial Models in Project Selection” on March 8,2022.

The workshop was taken by Dr. Vinay Kumar Srivastava, Associate Professor and Area Head (Finance). The workshop focussed on discussion of capital budgeting methods. Dr. Vinay explained discounting methods like NPV (Net Present Value), Profitability Index and IRR (Internal rate of return) used for project selection. He took numerical examples for better understanding and made the participants attempt the same. He also discussed non discounting methods like Pay back period for selecting a project. He answered all the queries of the participants to their satisfaction.

Overall, the session was very informative and insightful.

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