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Virtual Business Summit 2021

Department of Management at I.T.S Ghaziabad organized a Virtual Business Summit on the focal theme of “Enterprising Skills & Growth Strategies in the Post Pandemic Period” on 20 February, 2021.


The program commenced with the enriching address by Shri Arpit Chadha, Vice Chairman, I.T.S - The Education Group and welcome address by Prof. (Dr.) Vidya Sekhri, Director- Management. The overview of the summit was delivered by Convener, Dr. Anusha  Agarwal. The inaugural session was graced by the presence of Mr. Ashish Patel, Managing Director- Morgan Franklin (U.S), as the Guest of Honor; Mr. Rajendra Shrivastav, President, AES India, Chairman & MD of JV, as distinguished Guest of the day and Mr. Phoram Mehta, Senior Director, APAC CISO PayPal, President ISACA, (Singapore) as the chief Guest of the ceremony.


Followed by the Inaugural Ceremony, the summit highlighted very prominent points via Panel Discussion- 1with the subtheme – New Frontiers of Environment, Sustainability & Governance deliberated by eminent speakers from Industry. Mr. S.K. Sethi, Founder &CEO, Insurance Foundation of India discussed how environment is changing rapidly and how each one of us should contribute towards it. He talked about three pillars, primarily, Government, Industry and Society whose combined contribution play a major role towards environment sustainability.

Next speaker of the session, Mr. Saurabh Jain, Vice President PAYTM discussed about how the environment changed during lockdown. He emphasized that “future belongs to entrepreneurs” and quoted the example of Elon Musk, how his idea Tesla and SpaceX contributed towards sustainability and made him a success.

Mr Sahil Nayar , Senior Associate Director, KPMG (Mumbai) talked about how Covid become best example of VUCA. He redefined the term NEW NORMAL as NEO NORMAL. Mr Nayar gave a wonderful insight to audience about work life balance, work life harmony, gratitude, multi-tasking and switch task.

Then session was carried on by Mr Sulabh Goel, VP, Ernst & Young. He focused on sustainability and talked about before-covid era and after-covid era. He also talked about how people are adjusting and adapting to the new normal, private financing for infrastructural development and work from home culture.

 Last Speaker of the session was Ms Ritika Mathur, Director, Grant Thorton. She discussed how our policy makers needs to think differently and quoted the point that equity and environment go hand in hand together.  She discussed about the importance of investment in clean technology, the new area of health care technology, drivers of sustainable environment& new transformation that can be helpful. The Moderator of this panel discussion was Prof Yachhna Malhotra.

Panel Discussion 2 followed the Inaugural Session and Panel Discussion 1.The theme for this session was “Direction and Pace of Post Pandemic Period”. The Moderator of this panel discussion was Prof Shikha Arora. The eminent speakers joining the session were Mr. Peter Dorrington, Founder Director, XMplify Consulting Ltd.; Mr. Ankush Gadi, Director, CRISIL (Mumbai); Mr. Atul Shukla, Vice-President, JPMorgan Chase; Mr. P Kannan, Senior Regional Manager, Bajaj Finserv; Mr. Manigandan Ramesh, Head- Sales Automation Business Excellence, Haldiram Foods International Ltd.; and Ms. Neha Shukla, Associate Vice-President, NatWest Bank.

Mr. Peter Dorrington flagged off the session by discussing about human behaviour, digital transformation, hybrid working and different ecosystems. During his discussion he quoted Warren Buffett while focusing on customer satisfaction.

Next Mr. Ankush Gadi started on a positive note by stressing that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. He mentioned 23.9% fall in GDP during April to June period followed by the V- shaped recovery now. He also spoke about the three major challenges facing India,viz.,labour intensive manufacturing, climate change and human capital.

Mr. Atul Shukla briefed about decreasing consumer confidence index, household GDP, rural base growth and government contribution to the GDP.  He also referred to the three pillars of any economy, i.e., government, corporate and the consumers.

Mr. Kannan spoke of many sectors that are still improving, not improving and/or struggling. He provided an example by pointing out how two million loan applications in June had now increased to twenty million.

Mr. Manigandan Ramesh offered that the storm may have gone but it was time to perform. He was very positive & optimistic throughout and talked about the 5Rs (Resolve, Return, Reform, Resilience & Re-imagination). He spoke about how automation helps us in increasing productivity.

Finally Ms. Neha Shukla held forth on four major points, viz., - rebranding of portfolios, cost structures, work place changes, and digitalisation. She referred to digitalisationas the biggest gift of Covid-19 and the fact that now people are looking for safe places for work rather than great places for work.

During the sessions, many pertinent queries and doubts were raised by the students which were handled and satisfied very effectively by the all distinguished speakers.

At the end of the session Prof. (Dr.)Vidhya Sekhri, Director (Management), I.T.S Mohan Nagar put on record her concluding remarks and presented a digital plaque to each of the guests as a token of gratitude and remembrance.

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Director’s Executive Club Activity “BREAKTHROUGH 2.0” for PGDM students

Director’s Executive Club at I.T.S School of Management, Ghaziabad organized an online activity “BREAKTHROUGH 2.0”for PGDM (2020-22) batch students on 18th February 2021.

Activity started off with the valuable words of wisdom shared by Director Management, Dr. Vidya Sekhri. She congratulated the students for getting shortlisted for presenting the case study analysis which was the theme of the event. 

The activity was conducted in two rounds. First round was conducted on 17th February which comprised of picture-based story-telling and answering multiple-choice questions based on current business affairs. Top four teams were shortlisted for the second and the final round. All four teams were given a case study selected from different functional areas. The panel of judges consisted of Dr. Anusha Aggarwal, Dr. Manoj Kumar Jha, Dr. Sanjeev Tandon, Prof. Lokesh Upreti and Prof. Shikha Arora. After the presentations, judges gave their valuable feedback & also highlighted the areas of improvement for the participants.

First winner was Team Revolution and the team members were Shubham Singhal, Saloni Gupta and Sakshi Rawat and the runner up team was Team Financial Advisors with the team members Himangshu Rai, Farheen Khan and Kavita Bisht. It was a wonderful learning experience for all the participants.

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Corporate Talk for PGDM 2020-22 Batch by Dr. Silke Schneider

I.T.S School of Management organized Corporate Talk for PGDM 2020-22 Batch

by Dr. Silke Schneider, Managing Director-Personalized Health Alliance -Zurich-Basel, Switzerland, Personalized/Precision Medicine University of Zurich on the topic of “Leadership & Scientific Workforce Management" on 17 February, 2021.

Dr. Silke Schneider explained that every manager will have their own unique style of management; however, every manager has to use strategies which are compatible with the organisations nature of work and the culture of the workforce. Dr. Silke Schneider suggested that workforce management requires a clear division of tasks and responsibilities along with use scientific methods to determine the ‘one best way’ of doing a job.

Dr. Silke Schneider suggested that proper scientific selection of best person for the designed job is utmost important.  To make an impact in their field of study and to become an influence in the scientific community, the scientists even need leadership skills that are rarely the focus of their formal education and that are certainly difficult to acquire on the job.

In the end she emphasised that it’s very important to be an energy emitter, proactive and with open mindset to be a leader of diverse scientific workforce. The session was very participative and well appreciated by students. Session was concluded by honouring Dr. Schneider with a virtual plaque and a special vote of thanks.

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Corporate Talk for PGDM 2020-22 Batch by Mr. Anuj Tripathi.

I.T.S School of Management organized Corporate Talk for PGDM 2020-22 Batch by Mr. Anuj Tripathi, Director - Enterprise Business Development - Affle (India) Limited 

on the topic  “Deriving Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) through Big Data-Driven Marketing" on 12 February, 2021

Mr. Anuj Tripathi explained that you have to acquire new customers and to retain existing ones, but the former costs five times as much so its important to work on retaining your existing customers. Ms. Tripathi further added to segment your customer properly and build your products or service that complement your existing offerings.


Mr. Anuj Tripathi has taken several case studies to make students understand that to take advantage of the freemium model and constantly, consistently send out coupon codes and other special offers. He advised to properly funnel traffic from social media and create a seamless buying experience by offering a well designed Loyalty Program. 


In the end he emphasised to use big data analytics to map customer Journey and increase the accuracy of the Customer Lifetime Value prediction significantly. The session was very participative and well appreciated by students. There were various queries from the student’s side. The Session was concluded by honouring him with a virtual plaque and a special vote of thanks.

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Online Session on ‘Horizons of Intellectual Property Right’ for Management Students

I.T.S. School of Management under the Institution Innovation Council organized an online special session on the topic ‘Horizons of Intellectual Property Rights’ for Management students on February 12, 2021.


The resource person of the session was Mr. Mayank Sood, partner at K&S Partners Intellectual Property Attorneys. In the beginning of the session, the guest was welcomed Prof. Ritika Rathore and the guest began with his session. Intellectual property rights are legal rights that provide creators protection for original works, inventions, or the appearance of products, artistic works, scientific developments. There are four types of intellectual property rights (IP): patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. The essentiality of this concept for contemporary business cannot be stressed enough. 

During the session Mayank sir shares his knowledge on the following topics related to the horizons of intellectual property right: 

- What is Intellectual property? 

- Various terms of I.P 

- About Patent 

- About Trademark 

- About different types of marks 

- What is Copyright 

- Plants Various Acts 

- Integrated circuit layout design 

- Some IP found in mobile phone 

- Possible types of IP and other 

The speaker also answered the queries of the students by quoting examples from her own experience. Towards the end of the session, Director (Management), Dr. Vidya Sekhri presented a heartfelt thanks to the guest and a virtual plaque as a token of appreciation and gratitude.

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Virtual Industry Visit – Mother Dairy organized for PGDM

I.T.S. School of Management organized a Virtual Industry Visit – Mother Dairy for PGDM batch 2020-22 on 6th February 2021.

The resource person of the event, Mr. RKR Pillai is working with Dairy product influencer Mother Dairy. He has great years of experience of managing organization.

In the beginning of the session, the guest was welcomed by Prof. (Dr.) Vidya Sekhri, Director (Management). She told about how I.T.S. has worldwide recognition and students are in a right place. Also, she mentioned that before the pandemic college used to do the industrial visit with students by visiting the place but as per the current scenario college organised the virtual industry visit for the students.

Then the session was taken further by Mr.RKR Pillai who gave the brief knowledge about the history of successful years of Mother Diary and also describes the number of products produced by the organization and what is the process of making such high quality milk and other products which nearly has maximum number of shares in the market.

Mr.RKR Pillai gives the student information about how the milk and dairy product started to produce in India and about its past years of experience and how the organization used in to cooperate in different states by different names of same products. He enlighten student about the quality and hygiene of milk and about the contribution of farmers as well. He enlighten student about the ‘clarification, homogenisation and pasteurisation process and how the milk go through it.

Mr. RKR Pillai shared two videos with the student to have more basic understanding of organisation, products and quality assurance and showing the virtual visit of the plant for proper understanding. The speaker also answered the queries of the students by quoting examples from his own experience.

Towards the end of the session, Dr Anusha Agarwal enlightened the students with her words. A virtual plaque was presented to the speaker as a token of gratitude and remembrance.

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Management Faculty attended AICTE Sponsored Six Day Short Term Training Programme

Prof. Ritu Saxena & Dr. Vivek Pachauri Department of Management I.T.S, Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad successfully

completed  AICTE sponsored Six Day Short Term Training Programme (STTP) under AQIS  Quality Teaching and Research  fromJANUARY 18-23, 2021 organized by IMI Bhubaneswar.

The STTP  was focused towards conceptual overview and hands on experience on many facets like Teaching pedagogies , Creating effective presentation for class ,Case method of teaching ,Research problem and research ,Introduction to multivariate data analysis , Creating a manuscript publishable in an international journal .The  6 days course was packed with session delivered by the eminent speakers from IMI Bhubaneswar and other reputed institutions

Theoverall objective of STTP was to familiarize participants with updated pedagogical tools and techniques and to develop among participants the competency to assess a business predicament under uncertainty and choose the appropriate research technique to generate relevant insight. The program also highlighted how to publish in high category journals. Participants also got an insight of multivariate statistical methods for quality research.

The training program was enriched with learning and knowledge.

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Guest Lecture on “Derivatives Market in India” by Mr. Sachendra Patel

As a part of Institute-Industry interaction and academic delivery prerequisite a guest lecture  on Derivatives Market in India by Mr. Sachendra Patel, 

 Managing Director – GSP Capital Pvt Ltd. on 21st January, 2021 was organized for the students of PGDM Vth term students.

Mr. Sachendra Patel has a rich experience of 8 years in the field of capital markets. His academic interest includes equity analysis, derivatives markets and mutual funds.

Mr. Sachendra Patel started his conversation with students by bringing in few hard facts about Indian economy; he spoke about the size of the Indian economy and the future ahead.

He talked about how derivative segment is generating lot of interest among traders and investors now days, as the investment is very less. He said that instruments in this segment should be used as hedging tools but we surly can use them as trading tools as well.

Derivatives markets are driven by big players with financial power. These big players or HNIs who invest huge amount of money in the markets, but while investing they take the advantage of derivative segment to multiply their profits.

He also talked about the various types of margin requirement of derivatives market which can play a major role in changing the ROI of trader.

He also gave a brief overview of Mutual fund and Currency market.

Mr Patel emphasised the importance of various certification programs that students can pursue from NSE and NISM, he also explained how these certification programs can enhance their employability prospects.

Session ended with a vote of thanks given by student.

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Corporate Talk on the topic “Navigating Disruptions: A Future Roadmap” for PGDM students

I.T.S School of Management, Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad organized Corporate Talk for PGDM 2020-22 & 2019-21

Batch by  Mr. Gautam Hazari Technical Director-GSMA -London, United Kingdom on the topic  “Navigating Disruptions : A Future Roadmap" on 20 January, 2021

Mr. Gautam argued that as companies focus their attention on their best and most reliable customers, they can all too easily overlook the threat of disruption from young upstart competitors. Those competitors, exercising their creativity, develop innovative capabilities and reach customers that the incumbents ignore.

Ms. Gautam said that for a company to manage disruptive change with minimal trauma, its employees must be willing and eager to make the transitional shifts it requires, despite the challenges. If your business is prepared to remain resilient during a period of disruption in hindsight, the disruptive phase may be viewed as simply an interruption.

Mr. Gautam has added that fortunately, major disruptions are rare and most of the transformed companies who manage to take a strong position in the new market get to sustain their successes, illustrating just how big a difference mastering Disruption Management can make.

The session was very participative. There were various queries from the student’s side, regarding the Managing disruptions. The Session was concluded by honouring her with a virtual plaque and a special vote of thanks was given to him.

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Online guest lecture on "Recruiting - Overview and Overseas Practices"

I.T.S. School of Management organized an online guest lecture for PGDM batch (2020-22)

on the topic "Recruiting - Overview and Overseas Practices" by Ms. Khushboo Singh on January 16 , 2021. Ms. Khushboo Singh is ITS alumna of PGDM (10-12) batch and currently working with Experis, Manpower Group, Canada. She has 8 years of experience in managing critical talent acquisition need for functional and technical organizations. She is currently supporting IBM’s Pan Canada critical IT positions.

In the beginning of the session, the guest was welcomed by Dr. Charu Chaudhary. Ms Khushboo thanked I.T.S for being her alma mater and shared about worldwide recognition of I.T.S degree while applying for jobs in foreign countries like USA and Canada. She highlighted in her discussion that industry is following two different types of approach to hiring:    In-house recruitment , Consultancy service.

The former one is generally used by the small firms having few vacancies or for doing very less number of hiring. The latter one is usually seen in the big firms wanting to do volume hiring so they give contract to the consulting firms for recruitment services.

She briefed the students about the recruitment cycle followed in IT industry. Ms Khushboo differentiated between Talent Management and Recruiting teams. She elaborated about the possible opportunities, growth and learning curve of recruiters irrespective of country boundaries. She also shared interesting tips to convince the candidate and negotiate within company budget to ensure closure of a position. She emphasized LinkedIn as one of the important tool for a recruiter to source both active and passive job seekers. Ms Khushboo discussed about her 8 year career journey from first company to IBM now with lot of examples.

The Session was interactive as PGDM students had lot of queries ranging from choice of HR specialization to career opportunities as HR generalist or recruiter to exploring the possibilities of working abroad as HR specialist. Ms Khushboo satisfactorily answered all queries by sharing real-life examples from her own experience.  

Towards the end of the session, Director Management, Prof. (Dr.) Vidya Sekhri enlightened the students with her words of wisdom. A virtual plaque was presented to the speaker as a token of gratitude and remembrance. It was a great learning experience for all participants.

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